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Our Relationship is Dwindling Because of Her Alopecia


I took my chance and engaged one lady who posted her profile on this wonderful page. Sometime 3 months ago, we connected and our friendship led to a relationship.

She was and still is a wonderful person inside out. She paid a visit to my place and I also did same even meeting her family and all that.

But what happened was, I observed something that is, she had little or no hair and discovered it’s Alopecia. The issue came up and she said yes. That’s when I realized that it’s been with her from childhood and that she’s even had several treatment but still no solution.


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Unfortunately, our conversation begun to dwindle each day. I had to research and learn more about it and got to know it’s hereditary and there’s no guarantee it won’t be passed on to offspring.

Now we no longer chat but we are not quarreling too. Please is it my fault things are bad now or she should have informed me from the beginning? Also I tried engaging her in a conversation but she only replies and doesn’t start a chat. In her own words, the energy I show is also what she will give back.

Please should health conditions be discussed earlier in a relationship or can be ignored. How can this issue be resolved?

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Written by Abena Magis

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