My Husband Told Me Agye Gɔn


Good evening. Please when I went out this afternoon it was raining so my husband came to pick me. Auntie Abena, it was when we started moving that I realised I removed my slippers subconsciously before entering the car??? (something I’d do if I were entering a room). What pains me is that I’ve never worn slippers when going out except today?.

Immediately I realised it and told my husband, he just watched me and shouted “yie, agye gɔn.” We went back and I went down to get it and I felt so embarrassed?. He’s been smiling to himself and watching me closely in someway bi as if to see if I’m actually going mad. I tried to explain to let him know that it’s been happening to people all the time but my problem is, he is the quiet type and won’t talk for you to know what he thinks about you?.

Please I want to know if after what I did, I’m actually going mad or agye gɔn ampa.

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Written by Abena Magis

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