I Caught Her In The Middle Of It. (Part 1)

Women errh, hm. You’ll never understand them. I am hurt paa and I am planning my sweet revenge on her. No, like how could she do this to me? Ah, so if things weren’t going your way, couldn’t you just sit down with me and talk to me? Anaa she was trying to give me a coded message because I just don’t understand. I am confused. Hmm, I just don’t know how to start or end our story but I need to get it off my chest so here goes…

My wife and I met in school and hit it off. We were close friends who crossed the close friends’ line without even noticing. It was a mutual friend who drew our attention to it but we both denied that we had any feelings for each other. One day, this mutual friend brought up the subject again and said, “Harry, the way you are with Bella de3, if you have any feelings for her say it now ooh or else you will be there aaah then she will send you wedding invite.” I don’t know what in his statement triggered me but the next time I was with her, I asked her to be my girl and she said okay.

So we moved on from there. After school, things went on well for me but my wife wasn’t finding it easy. We had to hold off with our wedding plans until she found something doing. What joy that news brought to me? I was at work one afternoon when I got the message, “Harry, I am so excited. I finally got a job at the place you asked me to apply to.”  If I hadn’t restrained myself, my bosses would have thought there was something wrong with me. After I screamed “Yes” and everyone turned to look at me, I realised then that I was at work and not in the comfort of my own house.

We started planning our wedding feverishly and talked about our expectations of marriage. It was then that I told my wife about my sexual fantasies and likes and dislikes. I jokingly told her that whenever it rained we would need to have some “match”, a very hot one. She smiled and told me I shouldn’t worry. She was even having the same thing in mind. Wow! I couldn’t wait for days like that. I rubbed my palms together in anticipation as she sat there laughing.

Written by East@Edito468

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