Her Husband is Still Married. What Should She Do?


please help my sister. Someone recommended you.

My big sister got introduced to her (now) husband by her course mate in school.
They started courting for sometime of which my sister asked all the necessary questions she needed to know before going into the relationship because the man was once married. He told her he ended that marriage 4 years ago and he didn’t have any child with his ex wife.

So while with my sister, they decided to take the relationship to a next level by having their traditional marriage (Engagement). 5 days after they got married, my sister found out that the first marriage the man claimed had ended actually hadn’t.

In the sense that, the divorce papers have not been signed though the man his first wife don’t live together. The husband said he has seen a lawyer who advised that he should wait and file for divorce in 5 years which will be next year July.

My sister has tried handling it by not telling any family member but now she is having hatred for the husband due to hurt and lies. What should she do please?

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Written by Abena Magis

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