Why Does It Have TO Hurt? (Part 2)

After that encounter, it was easier to be around him. Funny enough, it was I who brought up this relationship talk. I asked in an indirect manner if he had anyone in his life. He smiled and looked away. My father too, hmmm, he chose that moment to return from the store, with my mother behind him. She was carrying this heavy box on her head whilst my father held two large black poly bags, one in each hand.

Immediately he saw them, he got up and rushed to their side. I didn’t know he was that strong. Hmm when I saw him with the box on his head as he balanced those two poly bags, trust me, my mind went dirty for a few seconds. My mother eyed me and beckoned me to help him get the stuff through the door but your girl’s mind was far away. Let me not go into details of what happened but you can conclude my love meter went up and my parents liked him from that day.

We had been “friends” for about four months at that point. My mouth was itching me to ask him about the way forward but I had hope he would ask me and he did! That day my smiles and excitement gave me away because my mother came to ask me if he had brought up marriage. I looked at her and shook my head. Then she replied, “He should hurry up oooh, na he is keeping long” Then I replied, “Ei maa” She shot back, “Oh fior” I just shook my head. Ghanaian mothers. Hm!

We have been together for three years now and I must say he has been a perfect gentleman. He hardly does or says things to annoy me but I have one major worry. He took me to his apartment when we started dating and even before we entered the compound, I didn’t like the way some of the people around looked at us, especially the ladies. At first, I chalked it up to jealousy but one weekend, after closing from work, I passed by his end. He wasn’t back from work so I sat on the wall that goes around the middle of the building and waited.

I took out my phone to call him when one of his co-tenants, Araba came to tap me from behind. She hardly talks or gossips and she hardly even smiles when I greet her so she approaching me made me extra cautious. She said, “I don’t know you and you don’t know but you-” She stopped talking immediately and rushed to open her door. I turned to follow her gaze. My boyfriend had entered from the far end and was walking towards us. I looked at Araba who was quickly unlocking her door to enter, then I turned to look at my boyfriend who was also walking quickly to where I sat. “Ah, but what is going on here?” I asked myself.

Written by East@Edito468

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