Why Does It Have To Hurt? (Part 4)

My boyfriend has one of the biggest apartments in the building. A self-contained chamber and hall with an in-built kitchen and washroom. There is this door in the hall that he never opens. The first time I came over, my curious self went touring his apartment. When I reached for the door knob, he swiftly crossed and stood before the door, saying there was a surprise behind it for me and he didn’t want to ruin it.

I trusted him, there was no reason not to. All the times he could have hidden things from me, he always made me aware of everything. I turned from the door and walked back into the kitchen but in the back of my mind, I was determined to know where that door led to. After the first incident, there was another opportunity for me to open the door. He went out to buy me VitaMilk at my insistence.

When I saw he had exited through the main gate, I hurried over to that door. Try as I did, it wouldn’t open. I used the house keys on top of the fridge, none of them did. In fact, I even tried picking the lock but it just got worse until I gave up. When he returned, he was acting weird. He asked if I could smell blood or anything fishy in the apartment but honestly, all I was smelling was the glade air refresher.

So that day, after calling my cousin and feeling bored, I went to the door. At first I tried to open it but it didn’t work. I wasn’t ready for what I was about to see. I was absent-mindedly walking in the hall when I felt something open. It was the door. I don’t know how to describe it but it was like the door was separating the hall into two and it was looking into the kitchen.

It was there that I remembered eavesdropping on my guy’s call one afternoon. I pretended to be dozing off as he spoke. But I faintly recall them making mention of sacrifice and sessions and sessions and smoke. Hm. I shivered when the door just opened. Right at that time, opana appeared from nowhere. He was frozen to the spot. For a while, we both stood where we were without speaking. Then he begun that his annoying behaviour. Looking down at his feet, smiling, scratching his head, looking anywhere but me and scratching his head.

For a while there, I thought he was going mad but he asked why I opened the door. Why I was so obsessed with the door. All I did was break down and cry, asking him “why?” all the time. He started fumbling and telling me it wasn’t what I was thinking. I grabbed my phone and left. I forgot my purse koraa in the room. When he returned it, I refused to see him or talk to him. I was just thinking and crying. I kept asking myself, why did it have to be this way? Why does it have to hurt? He did everything right, said everything right. He treated me and my family righttt! God!

I believed he was my last stop. It’s been two months and I am still not okay. I go to work and something reminds me of him. I come home and something someone says reminds me of his words. Just last night, I was buying food when a guy and a lady passed. The guy’s laughter reminded me of him. He has come home on three different occasions to see me but I asked my parents to sack him. They didn’t. They like him too much to let him go.

He keeps calling with different numbers and I keep blocking him. This love and relationship thing no how does it work so smoothly for some people? Will some of us ever find love and happiness that doesn’t last for2 seconds? Me deɛ, I’ve advised myself. I will not go back to him. Las Las, I will become a Catholic by force and enter the convent.

Written by East@Edito468

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