Why Does It Have To Hurt? (Part 3)

That day was the first time we had an argument. And it was a major one too. My boyfriend doesn’t like talking but his attitude tipped me off. When he got to his door, Araba had entered her room already. He asked me, “What did that girl want?”  I assured him she didn’t say anything and he unlocked the door for us to enter his room. For about ten minutes, I couldn’t hold any meaningful conversation with my guy. He kept asking what Araba wanted, telling me all sorts of weird things about Araba.

I got angry and shouted, “You are hiding something! Better come clean” He shouted back and started warning me to stay away from Araba because she wasn’t to be trusted and he lost his previous relationship because of her.  For a moment I was shocked. He never spoke of his past relationships. He hardly opened up about his life and yet here we were, with him talking about everything at once and not failing to bring up Araba at every point.

Hm, this guy, I wasn’t letting him off the hook easily. I accused him of having a thing for Araba. He got mad and stormed out of the room. I screamed after him and told him we would both die that day. That if he liked he could stay wherever he was going for even a hundred years. I wasn’t moving an inch. I was going to get all the answers I needed. He got to the main gate, (I was looking at him from the windows) then he turned around quickly and angrily. I also sat on the bed, crossed my arms waiting. He came back for his phones, slammed the door loudly that I jumped. The door made some noise for a while before stopping.

I had never seen my boyfriend this mad. I’m sure he was used to my sudden bursts of anger and fits of jealousy but I was determined for my anger to make a difference that day. It surely did. I wanted to stick by my words because normally, I would have softened up after like 10mins bi and called him and begged him. He would come, shake his head and ask for a hug. Then we would talk about whatever it was and resolve it.

This love journey has indeed been wonderful but what happened next just made our love look like some single sheet of paper. Anything can destroy it, the wind can blow it away and the water would reduce it to pulp. Our fight happened around6:30pmand he went out around 5mins to7pm. I checked the time on my phone and it was 9pm. I had the vim to stay out because my parents had gone for a funeral in the village and had left me with some younger cousin who was staying with us for a short visit. Anka my vim would have left and I would have postponed the fight. When I saw it was getting late, I called my cousin and spoke with her for a while. In the hopes of wasting time but she told me she wanted to go and watch some telenovela bi so we ended the call. I was bored and wanted us to make up already.

Written by East@Edito468

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