My Boyfriend Refuses to Pick My Calls

What do you do when your partner after an argument refuses to pick your calls or texts but hasn’t told you it’s over?


A lady sent a message that she had a misunderstanding with her guy. She pleaded with him to forgive her but he wasn’t ready to. She really loves him and doesn’t want to let him go but since the incident he only calls once in a while whiles she is the one constantly calling and messaging. He can choose when to respond or not but hasn’t told her whether he wants to continue the message or not.

First of all constant calls or messages when your partner is angry with you can be annoying. Refusing to pick calls among others would mean that they want to keep a distance away from you and how you make them currently feel when they see or talk to you. Some people out of further anger would then overreact by blocking, insulting etc, which could make things worse. In such circumstances, it would be best to stop calling and texting. Allow all the anger to simmer down and then send a simple message days later to find out how they are. If there is no response even when everything shows they received it, don’t message further. Wait. It’s not that simple to wait but give yourself a deadline to see if they’ll get in touch again. If they don’t, forgive them and accept that it’s over.

Written by Abena Magis

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