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Good evening. Trust you’re doing great? I have gotten a job which pays better all thanks to you so I’ll like to share a story of my life growing up in a broken home and how it affected us. I know many people can relate. God bless you again for the good work done.

This story goes as far back as when I was 7 years old in a family of seven. Every morning at exactly 5am dad would wake everyone up for our morning devotion. We the younger ones were woken up with gentle care whiles my older siblings were reminded to wake up with a knock on their head or a splash of cold water. Imagine someone pouring cold water on you in December during the Harmattan season as early as 5am.

By 6am the devotion was done and everybody had the floor to say what they were grateful for. Dad and mom would give words of advice. After that, they’d repeat the same set of advice every single day that we could memorize every single word without even missing a step and then dad would end it with “a word for the wise is enough.” He said those same words every single day.

By 7am breakfast was served. Aah the family’s favourite, beans with porridge popularly known as Akamu back in Nigeria. Of course we were Ghanaians living in Nigeria.

All 7 of us were cramped in a single room with 1 fan that rotated with the slowness of a dying snail that had seen it glory days. It was a second hand fan bought from my dad’s friend on a loan. By 7:30am, every one was fully prepared for their day’s activity.

One vivid thing that I could remember with every scene and colour, was my dad with his fully grown afro admiring himself in the mirror. Gracious goodness that man was beautiful. Sharply dressed in an all black suit, he would then go and stand by the window, open the bible and read Psalm 72 aloud. That was a tradition he’s practised to this day.

Just like any other man, he had his flaws. Beating and shouting was a daily occurrence. We actually once asked him to beat us in advance for any sin we may commit throughout the day. My big brother lost a tooth due to a sharp quick blow with the power of a thunderstorm and a perfectly balanced throw of a professional boxer. None of us saw that coming from him. He stung like a bee indeed.

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I was 12 when we left Nigeria back to Ghana and it’s there things really fell apart. Dad remained back in Nigeria and mum took us (all 5 kids) with her. We became a total burden to family and friends of our mum.

The youngest of us all was sent to Koforidua to live with the daughter of mum’s sister to help as a maid. She was 10 by then, and got pregnant 5 years later. My second sister was also sent to stay with a family member. She also got pregnant 2 years down the line. My big brother turned into a trotro mate (a brilliant youngman aspiring to be a pilot)

My big sister, the first born, was 2 months pregnant before we came back. Nobody knew that due to the conflict occuring between our parents. It was rumoured at that time that my old boy (dad) made advances towards her (his own daughter) so she thought getting pregnant for her then boyfriend would ease the pressure coming from him. That was the sole reason why we came back to Ghana.

I myself was left alone with my mum to continue my schooling. She later fell seriously ill and had to leave me in the care of another relative of hers.

At this point you could see how disorganised and disjointed a once loving family was. We were all at the mercy of someone else. Food became as rare as a white elephant. I got into so many troubles just to survive.

My dad finally came back to Ghana. He finally made peace with my mum but she died the following month. He admitted to making advances towards my big sister. However, prior to us coming to Ghana, he wrote a long letter to his family to sack us anytime we came to them for help because we were taken away from him forcefully and so they did exactly what he said.

I forgave him and took him in. He became very close (suspiciously close) to my girlfriend at the time. She got pregnant and when I opted for a DNA, dad moved heaven and earth to convince me not to.

And oh did I tell you he was a pastor in one of the well known churches? He messed up our life so badly that none of my siblings want anything to do with him. I forgave him for myself and for my sanity sake.

I took care of my daughter (even though I know she isn’t mine but hey she didn’t bargain for any of this and I knew she was better off with me)

At the end of the day, my mummy loved a selfish man that thought of himself and this cost her dearly. She paid with her life.

We the kids suffered the most but above all these obstacles we conquered and moved on beautifully with our lives. Before you choose to settle down with someone, know them really well and don’t let the kids pay for your mistakes.

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Written by Abena Magis

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