Efua’s Meeting

A young university student was on her way to her hostel when one of her friends called her from behind. “Efua, are you busy at the moment? A big man wants to see you.”

“Who? See me for what?”

“When you get there you’ll know,” her friend insisted. Try as Efua could to get all the answers about this big man, her friend wouldn’t divulge any information and insisted that the man wanted to see her, and assured her of her safety.

Efua went to put her bag in her room and called her sister and brother to check up on them but didn’t tell them about it. She was in level 400 and had been asking friends to help her get a place to do her National Service. She knew her friend was rich and had connections so maybe, one of her connections wanted to help her.

She got called that a car had been sent for her. She went and it was a V8 and avoided all the curious stares from school mates who had never seen her in any such car. Whiles in the car, she tried to strike a conversation with the driver but her friend, who was also in the car, told her to allow him to concentrate on his driving.

Efua was now getting very more curious so she told her brother to track her phone because she’d been invited to a party and just wanted him to know where she was. Almost an hour later, they reached their destination: a beautiful grey-white one storey building with very high walls.

She alighted and her friend told her to go to the house without her because she had an errand to do. “Ah, what is this? Who is this big man, you refused to tell me. What does he want from me? That one too, zip. We’re here too and you’re refusing to go with me? Then forget it. I’m not entering anywhere.”

Her friend realizing how resolute Efua was being, went with her inside the house. They were served hors d’oeuvre and drinks by a waiting staff and soon a man came to call Efua to enter the study. Her friend told her to go.

Efua was shown a bedroom and not a study and… inside the bedroom was Mr Rogers, her brother’s girlfriend’s dad! A man she had known since childhood.

“Daddy, you said they should send for me?”

” Shit. You’re the one they brought?”

It had already dawned on her that her friend was pimping her out to a man. She used to do that when she was in level 200. That is go to hotels to meet men and get paid. This augmented the money her parents sent her but she stopped after she fell in love (a relationship that didn’t work anyway). She’d been asking herself after her friend told her if she should really go but had thought one round for a few thousands wouldn’t hurt anyone. Also, whoever could help her with her National Service placement. Yet, here was a family friend wanting to sleep with her.

Mr Rogers told her he’d been feeling hot and had wanted company but begged her not to tell her brother or his daughter. He gave her an envelope with GH¢15,000, made her promise not to tell anyone and called his driver to take her back to school. Efua was elated, no sex but big pay.

She went to tell her friend that the man said he was exhausted. Her friend demanded GH¢5000 as payment for the “connection” but Efua bargained it down to GH¢1000 and handed it over. Months later when she told me, the question I asked her was, “what if your friend was taking you to somewhere for blood rituals?” That shook her and she promised to be careful after that.

A teeming number of young ladies and young men have found themselves in situations like Efua. Some of them return but a growing number don’t. It’s high time people took their safety serious. Money is never enough when your life is involved.

Written by Abena Magis

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