Bro, You Will Push Her Away.

So, to start with, here’s a short scenario to throw more light on this subject. To avoid any name stereotyping, we are going with something interesting:

Ogyam had had his eyes set on Ogyamwaa for a long while now. Finally just as he had found some kind of sure footing in her life, she seemed to be withdrawing and showing him some attitude. He had just called her to tell her he was outside her gate. She had sounded a bit eager until he mentioned he was at her gate.

Ogyamwaa had seen all the signs from Ogyam that he was interested in her. For about a year, she had tried to shake him off, but this guy was like a leech. He just held on tighter. So, after giving it some thought, she gave in to his request. He had been interesting in the beginning but she was now observing some things about him that were pushing her away.

Poor grooming habits: We know we all have our dress and fashion sense and style. Some of us have been limited due to our religious beliefs and tendencies but, this doesn’t mean dress anyhow. There are guys who dress so well some ladies confess falling for them just because of their dress style. You can’t say you want to impress someone and be dressing like some “villager” Red boxers, brown tattered shorts, pink and green silk shirt and some “obronii taa woto”. Please work on your dressing.

Focusing all the attention on yourself: Have you ever been on a date with a guy who won’t let you even say, “the”? Or, those ones who can spew 1100 words within 35 seconds? It can be annoying paa. How do you expect someone to like you and accept you if you keep talking their head off? We’re not saying don’t talk or have convos with someone you’re interested in but don’t focus all the attention on you.

Stingy: I read a story of a guy who would buy you something as low as 1gh and still expect you to pay them back. Hmm, some people are p3p333 paa? If you want to date someone and don’t have enough funds, please stay away. In dating, there is giving and receiving. Don’t be stingy and expect people to be generous to you all the time.

All talk but no show: We all have come across guys who can talk. Some of them are just talkative. That one seems bearable but still it’s a no-no. Then there are those who can talk you out of your shoes and the Mongolian hair you have on your head. Not to talk about talking you out of your I-phone and others. But these kind of guys are the ones that can sweet talk you with promises of “heaven on earth” they won’t even give you a land in or bring some of the land in heaven here, and they won’t bother to apologize or explain what went wrong.

Objectifying them: No woman loves to be objectified or stereotyped. Guys, if you are interested in a woman or are dating her, know how to approach her and related to her. Don’t reduce her to some kind of object. If you do that, you will push her away.

Abusive behaviour: As for this one, it is currently trending in our societies. Ladies are advising themselves. Everyone wants to enjoy life and post on social media for all to see that they are alive and enjoying life. No one is ready to be “sacrificed” like bronya chicken. So now, if you show any little sign of abuse, they’ll put the Iphone 11 and 12in their armpit, remove the wig and run ankasa. Please be advised.

Disrespect: If you don’t know the value and worth of something, you tend to treat it anyhow, with disregard. Any action or words that you wouldn’t like done to you because you find them disrespectful, chances are high that the person you want to date or are dating will also find them disrespectful.

Unappreciative behaviour: There are some people who don’t have courtesy as part and parcel of their persona. Simple acts of kindness that deserve appreciation, to them, is normal. Hence they can’t say “thank you” or show appreciation. That is bad. Everyone wants to have their actions appreciated from time to time.

Not caring: This one beats me every time. It shows two different sides to a person. How can you say you want to be with someone and not show them care and affection. If you like a lady show her care. If you are dating and you know you want them in your lives, don’t just say it, show them.

Little to no communication: In pursuing a love interest and in a dating space, communication keeps things going. The moment you begin to drop in communicating with the other party, it means you aren’t interested. They will advise themselves.

From all the points listed, which one of you experienced before, especially the ladies. Also, which one, or more of those traits do you think Ogyam showed to Ogyamwaa that pushed her away?

Written by East@Edito468

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