Adwoa Acapulco


I want Manofans to learn from experiences!

Question: what is the one thing you did too early out of love especially for someone who didn’t deserve it? Let’s call her Adwoa Acapulco!


A few years ago I met a lady, Adwoa Acapulco, with so much potential that I thought I had met the mother of my unborn babies. The plan was to shoot my shot, treat her like a queen, marry her and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, she was at a different state in her life. Youthful exuberance wouldn’t allow her to see things clearly or think rationally. She was looking for a prey to devour like a vampire sucking blood.

To me she was a potential life partner but to her I was the next mugu. Me kyerɛsɛ ne trap nu akye beela! (Her trap had caught a mouse)

2 weeks after she said yes to being my girlfriend, she requested for a new phone. This was someone who was texting me everyday as if we’d known each other for ages ooo. I was cool, gentle and receptive enough not to make her feel she’s moving too fast. So, I told her to give me time.

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During that same time, she took another guy (who later became a friend) to a colleague of ours to repair the same phone (even though it didn’t work). How did I get to know? Boys can easily talk about these things unlike women.

I took her to the phone shop and when we got there, she saw a higher type from her previous choice. It wasn’t an iPhone or a Samsung so I was not really bothered even though I could’ve purchased a high end type for her if she had requested.

During that time, man was on his feet and could do things. I don’t drink, womanize or party, so my savings deɛɛ (for) ink dey inside. The thing too love catch me like goal keeper dey catch penalty so I was actually under her spell. ????????

Inside the phone shop, she saw the type she wanted and its upgrades. She immediately changed her mind and requested for the higher upgrade (a red flag I failed to notice). Ɔdɔ ma nipa gyimi ampa (love can make you do crazy things)! Meaning, I had to pay more. Come and see me running to the nearest ATM to withdraw more cash!

After she got the phone, she told one friend of hers to come thank me. I was like “ooo, me I dey feel am so I’m willing to make her happy (I didn’t know I was in a trap).”

I never tried to kiss or request for anything in return like some guys will do. Her friend asked if I’ve kissed her before and I asked why should I do that. She said if I don’t do it her friend won’t know how much I feel about her so I must try and do it. But Chrife boy deɛɛ how ago do am? ????????????

You know I dey show some good boy levels. We dey vibe for whatsapp chat then all of a sudden, I was blacked out. I used to check on her every morning and wish her a great day even though we will meet later in the day. But she stopped responding and would reply to my simple morning greetings after 11pm in the evening! Eei Adwoa Acapulco saa na wobɛyɛ me? (Is that how you would treat me) ????????????????

It appeared funny to me so whenever I saw her I smiled softly but she acted as if everything was fine. In that same week I bought something for Adwoa Acapulco but I gave it to her friend to deliver. Her friend came back to find out what my true plans were for her friend and I told her my truth. Eiii she advised me to slow down on spending on Adwoa and also to thread cautiously.

I’m a very prayerful person so I told God if she’s not being real with me, HE should give me a sign. After two weeks the phone fell and smashed. She brought it for me to repair it for her ???????? so, I told her to meet me at the same phone shop we bought it.

It was a Saturday. My people, on that very same day, I had an assignment outside Accra so I left for the event. Sister Adwoa come wait saa no show! The next Monday she came complaining. I told her I was out of Accra with a soft smile. That’s the beginning of a journey to drop her like an Afasie yam! ????????????????????

To be continued…

Lesson: Don’t think people will use their heart to do good like yours. Being obedient to God will always save you from unnecessary hurts. Pride and lust is another problem, kill it with humility and self control. Don’t assume that everything you feel and say to people or they say to you is genuinely true. Learn to be nice to everyone you meet including your partners, friends and relatives. They can save you from trouble or getting used. ????????????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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