Adwoa Acapulco 2

Hello Manofans,

PART TWO – Let’s learn from experiences


Let’s still maintain her name as Adwoa Acapulco (this name/behaviour has got nothing to do with people called Adwoa)

I first met Adwoa Acapulco with one smart cute male friend of mine(Kwesi Korea). She was very calm and quiet. I will often see her by herself sitting quietly or with my friend. Well, she was not the type of girl whose beauty was startling or had that loud classy status. I mean she had the Cinderella kind of status. Well, I saw potential and decided to carve it out if given the chance. It wasn’t a do or die thingy though.????????????

We’d walk home together sometimes. There was another lady (let’s call her Adwoa Papistic) whose smartness and cuteness startled me. I was always excited whenever I saw her and we got along so well. She was actually the one I would have loved to date but she told me she just exited a toxic relationship. So I threw my feelings out the window; she being around was enough for me.

Even though it was a large community, we were a friendship cycle of about 7 but you’ll always find me with Kwesi Korea, Baba Alhassan and Poker. Adwoa Acapulco and Adwoa Papistic too were friends somehow. Kwesi Korea and I were gainfully employed. In fact our pack was a cool one. It gave us some recognition. What can you show us? ????????????????

We were quite serious, disciplined, cute and intelligent individuals trying to carve a future for ourselves. Then this thing called relationship and love interfered. Baba Alhassan told me Adwoa Acapulco was crushing on me. Actually, she told any guy that proposed to her that I’m dating her (I didn’t know if it was a trap or a way of turning them away). I was like why and how? Even though I’d already seen a potential in her I wanted to carve, I went to find out from Adwoa Papistic and she confirmed her friend has a thing for me.

Most guys that tried too were bounced. Some guys will come and tell me, “charlie your woman is pretty, take good care of her.” Meanwhile nothing was going on between us. I began to see how she would look at me or change her tone when addressing me (fear woman ooo). I then had a hearty talk with Adwoa Papistic who told me her friend was dying for my proposal. Come and see speed.???????????? I shot my shoot and sister Acapulco accepted and then we began to vibe.

I started buying lecture pamphlets weekly, books, paid for group work contributions, paid for transportation etc. Adwoa Acapulco changed her hair every two weeks (twice a month). Whenever we were walking to the transport station and she saw clothes on mannequins and she loved it, I made sure she got it. I was buying gifts (watches, bangles, and etc). She didn’t eat from the normal places the boys and I frequented. She had good taste for expensive food. I was not bothered because I wanted to carve her out beautifully. Love can make you build a mansion. ????????????

She began looking good. Her fame started going about and boys began to give her more attention. Meanwhile, she told me she’s the low-key type so she didn’t want me to tell even my boys. Herh! I didn’t know Adwoa Acapulco was playing me like chess. I had become a genie (her wish, my command).

My generosity was now extended to some of her friends. They all liked me. I was not a bad boy. Chrife boy with small smartness and coins. Apart from being a journalist, I was a little popular with my articles, spoken word performances and gospel rap music. I didn’t know I was in for a hell of a ride with Adwoa Acapulco.

Red flags!

At a point, she didn’t want me to walk with her to the bus station like we did before. She was dropped home by another guy. She would sometimes ask me to take the lead and then later go home with the said guy. Days the guy was not driving, she would want him to join us to walk. Some boys started complaining that she’s always begging them for money. What? I was shocked.

I investigated and it was true. I tried to find out why and she denied it. I didn’t push her. Sometimes I’d coincidentally run into her and the other guy that drives and she’d look confused and disturbed. I never and didn’t jump into conclusions but one thing was sure; I was in trouble!

To be continued…

Don’t take a cue from people or circumstances to confirm your existing wish for a relationship with someone. Don’t assume that giving your partner the world can stop them from cheating, dumping you or having a change of heart. Don’t assume calm, quiet looking people are Angels or loud, freaky people are devils either. Always put your goals and priorities first; sometimes that relationship is a decoy. It comes only to distract you from a peaceful steady life into a life of confusion and uncertainty. You need God; a good relationship with God will save you from hurts.

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Written by Abena Magis

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