Men Should Wash Too

Good morning. I have a problem with some African men in this modern era and I would want to know why they do this. 
Can the men tell us where it is written that it’s only a woman that is to cook, clean and wash in the marital home? Because in this era, women are also expected to make some earnings at the end of the month in order to help with bills at home. Same as expected of the man. 

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Now when the man returns from work, he goes to bath, eat and sleep. This woman has to also return from work but all house duties will be placed on her including that of the kids. As a husband, isn’t he expected to help with those chores because at the end of the month, the woman will be required to bring something to the table. 

Why leave everything on the woman all in the name of wife duties and expect her to give you nice sex and a happy face at home? Now if the man can’t help in those things because he is busy and so is the woman, they both decide to go in for a house help to help in those duties and all you can do is to sleep with the house help? All in the name of she does the chores like the cooking and cleaning?

If a woman is too tired to lay a bed what’s wrong with a husband helping her do it? If a woman is too tired to serve food, what’s wrong if you as a husband helps in the serving? Men buy food from a particular food joint because the food is nice. Does that mean that he is entitled to sleep with the food vendor? If not then why do you give an excuse to do so with a house help? 

I don’t think in the Western world, the chores are left on the women all the time, yet you can see that they are far ahead of us.I as a woman might cook my own meals and lay my own bed not because of any wife duties but because even if I’m living alone, I will have to do those things for myself. But in the situation of cleaning, washing etc I don’t think it will be possible doing that without help because I’m no more alone. 

It will get me stressed and stress kills! If stress kills me today, my supposed husband will marry the next day.My advice to our African men is that, they should learn to help in house chores because it is a survival skill for both males and females and not a wifeee duty only.

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Written by Abena Magis

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