When His Mother Is Set Against You. (2)

People, I’m sure as you read, you might have guessed he was taking me to see his mom but I never thought he would do that. In such a manner. He had been talking about some of his cousins and some house parties they were planning. I believed we were going for one of those. Besides, we had dated for only eight months at that point. I wasn’t prepared to meet his mother so soon. All along, I had thought we would discuss going to meet our parents officially or unofficially bit we never did.

His mother came to hug us and ushered us inside. The place was nice ei! It looked like one of those nice houses you see in foreign movies. And if I had met this woman somewhere, I wouldn’t have referred to her as, “Ma”. I would have said, “Sister”. She was beautiful and young looking. Nothing showed she had borne two children. She was sweet towards me throughout our visit. When we were about to leave she asked her son in my presence, “Emmanuel, you know you didn’t make any proper introductions?”

He looked at me, looked at her then repeated the action. With smiles he said to his mother, “Mama, this is Evelyn.” His mother looked at me coolly and said, “Oooh, I see.” Then she said, let’s go back inside. I felt some movement within me, like something wasn’t right. She laughed in some weird manner and said, “This calls for drinks” Emma offered to go and get them whilst we spoke for a bit. As soon as Emma was out of sight, she spoke to me, “Sweetheart, please sit opposite me, the chair you’re sitting in is Emma’s favourite”

Wow. Just wow. I was confused. She had been warm and receptive until Emma said what he said. I didn’t want to think into it so I smiled. When Emma came, he asked me to move back into the chair his mother had just asked me to vacate. I told him meekly that I was okay. He insisted and I moved into that seat. His mother looked uncomfortable but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t look happy and she didn’t look sad or annoyed. When we were about to leave, Emma said, “Mama, I hope we have your blessing, cos sooner than soon…”

She smiled and said, “Of course” She hugged me and whispered a chilling, “goodbye” into my ears. In the car, I was quiet, thinking over all that had happened. My boyfriend was talking and laughing but I wasn’t listening to him. I spoke silently, “I should be filled with happiness, but I’m not.” He looked at me and asked, “Why?” Then I said, “Your mother doesn’t seem to like me “He assured me she did, talking about how she had been happy and talking and laughing with us and all that.

 I would have believed everything he was saying if it wasn’t for those two instances. I loved her son and I had liked her in the short time we met and spent together. I know now that I should have found a way to end things amicably for my own peace of mind and happiness. It’s sad, because when you’re deeply taken with someone, it becomes hard to just break things off one a one-time character. What I have learnt is, sometimes, when his mother is set against you, just find a way and leave. This is where my story gets tricky but hey? It’s all lessons now.

Written by East@Edito468

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When His Mother Is Set Against You.

When His Mother Is Set Against You. (3)