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What Have I Learnt So Far?

My love story isn’t the usual we met and fell in love story. So, we went from classmates to enemies to friends. When we started becoming friendly towards each other, the people around us were surprised. For each of us, this was someone we couldn’t stand. If we met at a function and the last seat left was by the other person, we would go back home than sit throughout by them. It was so bad that you dared not mention the other person’s name around the other. But today, we are married with two boys.

Now, what have I learnt so far? I must say I have learnt a lot that years back I didn’t know. I also wouldn’t have known about some things if I had never ventured to love or even get married. The first lesson I have learnt is, don’t close your heart and your mind when it comes to finding love. If you have the desire to settle down and raise a family of your own, never say never. You might have been hurt badly, it seems you always choose the wrong men or women, don’t worry. Keep being optimistic, one day, God will bless you with the love you need and deserve.

Also, be open minded when you enter a relationship. We are all not perfect, even you the one looking for love. It could be you will date your high school sweetheart and that would be it for you. It could be there are important lessons you have to learn before meeting the one you will settle down with. Be careful so that your dating experiences don’t make you something you’re not. It’s not always that you have to date all the sons of Pharaoh or the daughters of Jezebel before settling down. It may be that you just didn’t take your time before dating that person and all the pain could have being avoided.

When you enter a relationship or marriage, do so with a clean heart and mind. Believe it is going to work but especially for relationships, a break up is better than a divorce. If you also enter marriage and for whatever reason you separate or divorce, don’t go down easily except the other party is a violent one or a manipulative or breaks the bonds of marriage. Apart from these, don’t give up so easily. People have fought to make it work, you can too.

Finally, don’t rush to fall in love. Neither should you rush to the alter. You will live the rest of your days in regret. The fact that some people have done it and it worked for them doesn’t also make you like them. You’re not “some” people. See yourself as part of those people who such things don’t work for. When people, plants and feelings are allowed to grow and grow through the process, the results are always beautiful. Don’t let anything worry you, you will also make it one day.

Written by East@Edito468

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