This Marriage, There Is Something In it.

This marriage, there is something in it.  There is something sweet bi in it. I can’t explain. And when it comes to the pain and bitterness, tweaa anka Adonko and Apruku mpo are better. Before we got married, my husband and I were okay. Like we were civil people. Then it’s like when we put on the rings, something in us changed.

So we got married, we were living together as a sweet, loving husband and wife. We didn’t have much but our love and the newness of our marriage kept us going. Then we would fight, but I realised our fights were not normal. Before we got married, I never thought I would be one of those women who got so wrapped up in their marriage and its chores that they hardly gave themselves a look.

I would be going about doing my thing and my husband’s sarcasm would rise. The way he would call my attention to the things I did that he didn’t like would annoy me and I would give a cheeky reply. Soon, that was how our lives went. Husband is sarcastic, wife is rude back to him, husband gets furious, wife starts an argument then the shouting and name calling would start. The funny thing is it would get heated and people around would try and separate us but we would rather turn on them.

One time, my husband and I were returning from church when a neighbour greeted us and said, “Eiii, moasane abom.” We looked at each other and laughed. Then my husband asked the neighbour, “Ah Ante, adɛn, na whan na see yɛɛko?” The neighbour was to say the least, shocked and confused. Those times after a fight are the best ooh. You won’t even get. Everything is ten times sweeter and better.

Another time too, I asked my husband, “Honey, this marriage thing errh-“, he didn’t let me finish. He was like “mm hm?” If not for God who cautioned me to restrain me, anka another fight would come. I ignored the “mm hm?” and went on, “this marriage errh, don’t you think there is something inside it?” there norr, opana was like, “Anka?!, isn’t it just fighting and making up that is there?”

Come and see me, my heart was beating quick quick quick. I got up and left to the kitchen to cool down. We don’t have a child now, so he is okay. The moment I get pregnant, I will ask him that question again na if he doesn’t give me a proper answer, I’ll let him know whether this marriage there is something in it or not.

Written by East@Edito468

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