Sis, You Are Driving Him Away.

From afar, you have all they want then they get close to you and leave. They disappear.

Your answer lies in one of the points below.

Disrespect: Sone of us women do not know how to show respect. Some of our actions and words are so disrespectful, they can shock your new partner and drive him away. Some are also insulting but when you call them out on it, they don’t see anything wrong with it, they were only joking.

Poor grooming abilities: Grooming isn’t only with the appearance although it counts. You need to learn and display proper social and home etiquette. The way some ladies eat is very bad. Every minute, you’ll find something in their mouth. You take them to social or family gatherings and they will disgrace you. Also, with physical grooming, check your breath, body odour, your dressing and your hair. Don’t leave that weave on for more than three months sis.

Running mouth: Those ladies who can talk for Ghana and Africa, be careful. You’ll continue talking and won’t realise when a prospective partner has left you. Then there are those who can brag. If care is not taken, they’ll convince you of owning three-bedroom apartments nanso she’ll be sharing the room with about 7 others.

Unable to run a home: As a woman and as a lady, having proper grooming at all times and looking attractive will definitely get men coming your way. But if you have no idea how to run a house and have no idea, even in the least, of how to do simple tasks around a home, how do you expect someone to leave a house in your care one day?

Sex addict: For those sexually active, don’t go and be killing people’s children with sex. Life isn’t all about sex. Guys will talk and tell you they can take it like mogya duro but, they’ll run away and leave you holding your panty. Please be guided. Better still keep it closed to avoid any drama.

Incessant mood swings: We all can attest to the fact that there are days when “we’re not in the mood”. There are ladies who are naturally born with tendencies that leave them moodier than others, yet this is no excuse to be acting out all the time.How can you attract and keep him when 99.9% of the time he comes to meet you with a sad drawn face, and in uninterested demeanour. Auntie, guy no ɔbɛ gyae wo!!

Silent treatment: Guys are also guilty of giving silent treatment but currently, it seems ladies do this more. Whenever there is a fight or a misunderstanding, you resort to silent treatment to teach him a lesson and punish day you’ll drive him away and come back to square one.

Unsupportive: Being unsupportive puts a lot of pressure on the other party and burdens them. This isn’t only when it comes to finances. It also involves sharing dreams and ideas and working through projects and life together. If you are unsupportive, he’ll slowly lose interest and leave.

Lazy: Imagine being with a lady who wants everything done for them. Imagine she seated by the remote but calling you from something important to pick it up for them. That’s the extremely lazy ones. But we all have an idea of how people can be lazy. Sis, don’t let laziness drive him away from you and rob you of a good thing.

Written by East@Edito468

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