Saturday’s Are For The Singles.

Most of us ladies planned to be married by a certain age, have kids and enjoy life but life has a way of showing you pepper. you don’t always get what you want. Here I was, single throughout uni and single five years after uni. there were days that I would wake up and be over the moon for no reason. On other days, I would be sad because i dindt feel like God ever looked my way.

After school, most of my weekends were spent attending what i used to refer to as “adult functions”. Weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, bridal showers and the rest. the weddings were a lot. sometimes I would go for two or three weddings in a week. at most of these weddings, I would ask myself so God when? Sadly, I never got chosen for bridesmaid roles nso. I would have used that to console myself.

At one wedding, I was late so I had to steal the seat of someone. i was told he had gotten up over twenty minutes and hadn’t returned so he probably wasn’t coming back. just when I sat down, this guy decided to show up. when he realized his seat had been taken, he was annoyed and was about to say something but when our eyes met, I whispered “I’m sorry, let me get up” He raised his hand and said, “Its okay, anything for the lady”

When we were taking the pictures, we happened to be placed side by side. When we went to the reception, he found his way to my table, which had about three middle aged people on it. He tried making conversation but I let him know with my actions that I wasnt interested. Honestly, i was funny but my somewhere was burning so i didnt want to give him face.

Later on I did and well, you know what happens from there. I haven’t regretted listening to him from that day up to now. You can say my Saturdays aren’t so boring again. I think now, we should say Saturdays are for singles. They really do the most. Brightening the corners of weddings, parties, funerals and heh rest.

It being almost a year of knowing him and six months of us being together but when a man, a good man knows what he wants and is capable, he doesn’t waste time. We’ve been talking about marriage and weddings a lot lately. He would ask me hypothetical questions of how I want my wedding to go, any plans I have made towards it, how I envision my home after the wedding and a lot more. To me, it could only mean one thing. there is something good on the horizon.

Written by East@Edito468

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