My Wife Is Covering Her Tracks Pretty Well.

Now, I don’t know what exactly she is up to because my wife is covering her tracks pretty well. It could be that she is involved with another man, she is putting up a business she doesn’t want me to know about, she has a house or land she is developing or she is helping one of her friends to do one of the above.

My wife is naturally not a secretive person. She would tell me everything she was going through, even to the extent of telling me when she was eating, bathing or “pooping”. I have always found this behaviour weird but it gives me an assurbce that there is nothing she wold hide from me. In the past four months, i have started doubting everything about my wife. She doesnt want to tell me everything again.

When she has to pick calls around me, she speaks differently. I once heard her speaking to someone. She was laughing and calling the person baby and talking about some tings that leave one questioning everything. I know it wasn’t me, and the other person she calls baby, is her bestfriend who would be sleeping as at that time of the call.

I have tried digging for answers but she is covering her tracks so well. I have asked her if there is anything she wants us to discuss, she just shrugged and walked out on me. Ei, someone who initially would have at least said a simple yes or no or explained lightly just walked out on me as if I was some ghost she was talking to.

What I have found to can’t be taken as evidence too. Meanwhile, it is not something that can be taken lightly. I find myself in a disturbing state. I cant focus at work and I don’t want to involve anyone else a this point. I share evrything about my life with her but she keeps holdingback. I wsas doing this in hopes of her also starting this pratise again.

If I withhold anything and she finds out, we have a problem. Yet when I confront her about how she keeping secrets is slowly killing us, she just shrugs it off or tells me she would tell me later. The later never happens. If I push, she tells me its not everything she has to tell me. What do I do with her now?

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