My Wife Doesn’t Know I Am Playing The Field.

Stolen water, they say is sweet. I didn’t set out to cheat but that’s the life we are living now. From the onset of our marriage, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we would go down. My wife wasn’t the woman I wanted to settle down with, we dated for a while, had sex on a few occasions then we broke up. Before we broke up, I remember we never got intimate but she came to my house one day, claiming to be pregnant for me.

I was seeing someone then. Someone I had come to really cherish and love. I had hoped she would understand my situation, rather she was angry she couldn’t continue with a future baby daddy. My parents asked me to man up and I told them I didn’t think it was mine. It became a struggle and the pressure mounted. My wife would call me very day, crying and begging me to make things right. For close to four months I knew no peace.

From my in-laws, to my parents and everyone who heard the story, they claimed it was only right I proceed with her and that surely, what brought us together in the first place for us to create the unborn child would resurface. So I gave in. I went to see her family. Did the preparations and married her but I wasn’t happy. In most of our wedding photos, I had a straight face.

During the first six months, I wasn’t happy. I contacted my ex who had gone ahead to also marry someone her parents forced on her. Her parents didn’t like me and so when the baby issue came up, her father asked her to cut all ties with me. Then they looked for a tribesman to marry her but according to her, she wasn’t happy. Although the guy or marriage to him wasn’t that bad, she wished she hadn’t married him too.

We were both miserable but we were locked up. We were too “faithful” and “honest” to cheat on our partners. Also, the reason for my marriage, the baby? We lost on shortly after the wedding. She was about 7 and a half months gone then. It made me feel so angry. Like maybe if I had haled my ground a little longer and said no to this marriage, I wouldn’t be with her because she would have lost the child.

After a year of being harsh and hard on myself and my wife, I decided to give our marriage a fighting chance. I cut off communication with my ex, I slowly changed my character towards my wife and she realised it. She had been nothing but wonderful since we married. One night she broke down and asked for forgiveness. That she wasn’t sure she was pregnant. But when she missed her period, she did a test and it was positive. She was casually dating someone but she didn’t want to pin it on him.

She said she had always loved me and had envisioned us ending up together and so she prayed and decided to act on that. The so-called pregnancy to get me back. I was so hurt and devastated upon this revelation. I didn’t consider how she got me as love. I was mad. I was broken but I smiled and said that it was okay. We had physically and spiritually tied ourselves before God and man and couldn’t undo it. So we should continue.

She cried for a while, went silent and said, “thank you” but I couldn’t sleep that night. I thought of all the times I begged my ex to be strength and support, I thought of how my parents hadn’t believed me. All that happened when she came with this half lie. That baby might have been for her casual date. I went drinking and hit it off with this stranger. We found solace in each other’s arms.

My wife is good and always doing things to win my love and affection. She is a good person but after that revelation, I am struggling to come back to the marriage. I do everything right. A loving husband and friend but like alcohol is people’s addiction, playing the field is my addiction, and she has no idea.

Written by East@Edito468

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