Meeting Each Other’s Parents For The First Time.

Meeting the parents for the first time can be nerve-wracking. We didn’t put any thought into it but we hope with our experience, others can learn and prepare adequately to meet the future in-laws. My boyfriend took me to his parents first. I didn’t know whether to send gifts or not and decided to go with a small token. I got his father shirts and handkerchiefs and one top-quality vodka. Then for his mother, I got her some cloths and, scarves and money.

You know women, although the parents reacted someway to the gifts, the mother was low-key pleased. She kept stealing glances at the cloth and opening the scarves. The father was saying indirectly that all women know is kpanlogo dress kit. I mean, he talked about men and kpanlogo and women’s gift. Then I thought I didn’t need to assist because she told me to relax. The father also kept “pushing topics” to me.

Then when the food came, hmmn. I it wasn’t food I ate, or even liked. When I came home, I had to sleep in the toilet room. I remember how the mother kept looking at me and referring to my hair as “Donkey hair.” It was so embarrassing. This was a clear case of generational gap. His parents’ way of doing things are so different, even far from mine. Then it came to my boyfriend meeting my parents.

From the experience of meeting his parents, we thought it was going to be the same for meeting mine. He had already heard about my parents from the stories I told him about my family. So when we were going, he didn’t carry anything for my parents. It was obvious they would have loved something from him. With the way my mother spoke and all. When she was going to cook, I followed her and my boyfriend also got up. Then my mother turned and asked him where he was going to, he said he was coming to help us to cook. My mother was lost for a second, my father didn’t know what to say. My father broke the silence by saying, “Is this what you’ll be doing when you settle down with our daughter?”

The whole scene was funny. Now, my boyfriend didn’t know whether to go or sit down. Then my mother asked him to wait, that I won’t keep long. Looking back, the whole meeting was a funny experience but we are grateful that our parent. Our parents are okay with us and we are also doing okay in our relationship.

Written by East@Edito468

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