I’m Suffering In Silence.

My girlfriend has taught me that odo ma nnipa gyimi ampa. I can’t tell you of the number of times I have wanted to break up with her. Out of that number, I have tried it thrice. In all those situations, I came out crying. Hm, if he has done me for boys I don’t know. Seriously, I have been in some relationships before her but I have never felt the way she makes me feel.

She can make me feel good one second, the next second I will be boiling but I’ll just let her pass. I am suffering in silence, I can’t tell my guys mpo. Anka the way they’ll make me feel, my girlfriend’s own is even okay. I’m a thick tall guy, I gym a lot. My girlfriend is slim and not as tall as me but when you come paa and see the way she can “work” me, you’ll just say “Herh!!!!”

She abuses me emotionally. She knows physically if she tries, I’ll just break her into two. That her small body no. She shouted on me in public one time because I asked her to pay for our uber back to her place. She knew people were around and she said, “Ah,but nice guy paaa like you na you don’t have even 1gh on you no?”

I just looked at her angrily and kept quiet. Another time too, we were playing ooooh, then this guy just knocked me out of nowhere. She likes throwing her hands about and when she hits you, she’ll pretend she didn’t do it on purpose, meanwhile, the way her hands can hurt when they hit you. The pain is on another level.

I have been thinking of a way to leave her but all my plans always fall through. The way she’ll come and beg and plead and look all sorry has a way of melting my heart. But the moment we get back together then she starts her evil behaviours. I don’t know, I don’t know how to let it sink into her head that I love her, and I would do anything for her but this mean, evil character of hers isn’t my thing.

Recently, I told her indirectly to work on herself when she asked when we would be getting married. She didn’t get my cue. She just continued talking of how we look so cute together and how on our wedding day, everything will just be perfect. Hmm, I’m even tired. I can’t believe a guy of my stature, not to talk of my physical looks can be dealt with in this way by this lady. I am mustering courage. One day, when she misbehaves, I’ll discipline her and send on her way to meet her next boyfriend.

Written by East@Edito468

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