How Our Reception Got Ruined. (2)

By and by, we made headway and the wedding day dawned on us.  The church ceremony went smoothly and we were going for the reception. We realised people were confused so we had to let the pastor inform those around that we were using a different venue. Apparently my mother had told our guests we were using my uncle’s house and my in-law told her guests they were using her proposed venue. Their fight started from there although it was a quiet one.

Then unknown to us, they had secretly contacted their people to bring local drinks and set up. So during the food sharing, it caused misunderstandings and the local drinks vendors nearly fought which in turn made our mothers fight. It was so embarrassing to watch to grown women fighting over drinks. Drinks that a lot of people were not even patronising. It was obvious they were just trouble makers.

My attention was drawn to some fight bi going on involving two women and I walked there to see my mother and in-law fighting over the space as the vendors also supported them. Soon, my wife also walked over there. The reception weren’t silent as more people turned their attention to what was happening. We tried to make them see reason but hey wouldn’t. At least the vendors came to realise it wasn’t really about them.

I found them two different spots and told the MC to announce that there was more drinks the local drinks so whoever felt for it should go for them. Sadly, no one even went for a sip. Our mothers had to be dragged outside and we, along with our fathers and a few trusted family and to sit them down and try and sort things out for the last time. It was draining, having to make them see reason.

I just pulled my wife up and we told our fathers to deal with them. For a few seconds, they were surprised we chose ourselves over them. Then it brought another fight, according to my father. My mother claimed my in- law and her daughter had bewitched me. My in-law also claimed same. After a while, our fathers also left. The whole thing was such a disgrace. They stole the attention and shine from us but not even for a good reason. Only God knows how they found their way back to their seats.

Written by East@Edito468

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