How Our Reception Got Ruined. (1)

If I were a very spiritual guy, I would say my mother and my mother-in-law are witches. I have never seen two women who hate each other so much they would anything to destroy their children’s wedding day. Just to prevent their children from getting married to each other. From their first meeting to the day of the wedding, we had no peace. It was one misunderstanding or quarrel after the other.

The first time, it was about the colours we had chosen. My fiancée was telling her mom she was thinking of using white and gold whilst I preferred wine and gold. Her mother didn’t like my idea and told her in a lot of distasteful words. So she was annoyed and came to tell me how her mother had misunderstood what she said and had been talking a lot about going for different colours altogether .

My mother appeared from nowhere and got angry, talking and insulting and saying she dint like those colours my mother-in-law wanted us to use. Then she told me to be a man and insist on my colours. That didn’t go down well with my fiancée. She left angrily as my mother kept on ranting. That night, I called her to apologise and her mother picked. It was obvious she had told her mother what happened.

It took us weeks to settle the colour issue, especially because our mothers wouldn’t listen to us or let the issue die out. But it took a few days for another fight to begin. This was about the cost of the venue. My mother wanted us to use my uncle’s house. He had a big house with a big backyard/garden that could accommodate about 200-300 people. It also wasn’t that far from my fiancée’s church. My fiancée’s mother wanted us to go for a friend’s event hall. That was larger and meant money going out, more cost.

For this, we both sided with our others and it was both fathers that had to come in to help us reach a consensus. It wasn’t easy. A lot of time was spent resolving this issue and it brought our wedding preparations back and also affected a lot of unrelated things. We weren’t even sure we would have a wedding on the said date or if we would even have any wedding. It stressed my fiancée out so much she had to get her dress alterated because she lost weight. She had been plump but now she was slimmer and bonier.

What nearly broke us and the whole ceremony was a disagreement about food. My mother wanted us to use a caterer who had done my cousins wedding. That food was on point, I must admit. My fiancée’s aunt’s best friend has a restaurant. The family wanted food from that restaurant. I’ve tried the food before and it was great. We didn’t know which one to go for because both were out of our price range, even after they had given us discounts.

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