How I Found Out About The Other Woman.

I was always telling my husband that my car was going to land me in trouble but he would either act annoyed or laugh it off. Then he would launch into a lecture of all he does for the kids and I. He would then proceed to promise to get me a new car the following year but that year was never coming. With four kids and twelve years in marriage, I knew him too well. I had a feeling most of his money was going somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

His job pays triple my salary. You would think he would want to help me out a little but no. I was one of those women whose husbands earn a lot but you always see them and the kids looking like street people. I was praying and hoping that things would improve but no. So I started saving, saving to change my life and that of the kids, my only hope was he was putting the money he was hiding into the bank accounts we opened for the children so that in future we could relax for other things.

One fateful Monday, I wasn’t feeling well so I couldn’t go to work. My husband gave excuses as to why he couldn’t send the children to school or take me to the hospital. I only lay in bed, hoping to gather some strength and go to the hospital. Wanting to avoid traffic, I passed one road that led to the hospital. I hadn’t gone far when due to the dust, I bumped into this V8. Immediately, the car stopped and out stepped a posh lady. I was feeling weak but I got down to apologise.

Honestly, any kind person who saw me during the incident felt some pity for me. Not this lady. She spoke on top of her voice, insulting me and throwing her arms about. And for a while, I stood there dumbfounded. Couldn’t she have some mercy on me? I was sick and weak. Some cars had stopped at this point and were assessing the damage. It wasn’t much but we had to call our insurance companies.

So I called my husband and explained everything whilst crying. He didn’t sound empathetic one bit. He told me he was on his way to meet some of his colleagues from a different region and couldn’t help me out so he gave me the details to sort it out myself. Then I went to sit in my car to wait. This lady also called her man, angry and hysterical. Within minutes a blue sports car arrived on the sea. I was doubting. It couldn’t be real but I remained calm and watched, even as my chest started pounding. In fact, the sickness left my body.

The man hugged the lady, trying to calm her down. At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt strong, I dnt know where the strength came from. The way I bagned my car door as I came out, they were surprised. I aslo started shouting and venting, angry tears running down my face. “So this, this is the reason why you treat us like aliens? When we got married, I was always there, honestly, none of those women wanted you, but me, I saw the true light in you and wanted you. I knew you had changed. I always complained about my faulty car but you wouldn’t lift a finger to help me in anyway or anything. Look at me, is this how you found me?!!!”

I was boiling mad. The other woman was beginning to understand what was going on. The man was no other than my husband. The lady, obviously his mistress. After saying all I had bottled up for years, I turned to my car and drove off. I didn’t say anything again. I went home, called the children’s school and arranged for a pick up for them. He couldn’t come home that night or for the rest of the week. My youngest says she saw daddy coming home one dawn and leaving. I didn’t care but I just smiled. I served him a divorce shortly because he always knew it was a deal breaker for me.

I am in a better place now. I don’t want a new love or anything. I only want him to come and perform his duties as a father. He tries but not as he should. He wants to worm his way back but I’m not going back to what broke me.

Written by East@Edito468

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