He Is Giving Me An Ultimatum.

Two days ago, I was asleep when my ringing phone woke me up. It was my husband again. He has been calling me to come back home but I don’t want to go. The reason why he called was to give me an ultimatum, can you imagine? When I was pregnant, I told him to help me around the house but he wasn’t doing it to my satisfaction so I told him I can’t take care of everything in my present state. So, when I was four and a half months gone, I left for my parent’s house.

In my parent’s house, everything was easy. My younger siblings fetched water for my morning bath. Food was always ready and hot. I was made comfortable and treated like a queen, something that my husband is yet to learn to do. He would come around ad be holing a poly bag.

The bag usually contained one milo, four tins of milk, some eggs and sugar and my favorite sugar bread. I would tell him that it wasn’t enough and he would promise to do better but every time that he comes, the story is the same.

Both of our salaries are moderate and I appreciate what he was doing but honesty, if i was his sister, is this the treatment he would be expecting for her? He didn’t really make time to take me to antenatal and other petty things he wasn’t doing for me so I decided to not go home after delivery.

I was waiting for him to come and name our son, get something nice as appreciation for my family before going home. that has been a fight. At first he sounded convinced but everyday different story.

He has come to do the naming, that one koraa if I hadn’t supported, we would have been disgraced. I have been prompting him to do the needful yet he is proving difficult. But he can get credit to call me each day, begging me to return. I am also standing by my words, he should do the needful first.

And now he has called with an ultimatum. To return home in two weeks or forget about him. What kind of hard place is he trying to get me into? I have no idea. I want him to find something to give to my parents. How was he expecting me to survive on his “once in a milo moon” milo, milk, eggs, sugar and sugar bread. Should I also give him an ultimatum or what?

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