He Invited His Ex.

Let me also share my own experience. Dear men who are about to get married, please don’t be disgracing yourselves in advance. Why do I say that? I say that because sometimes you go too far and you know it. Don’t think because you are still free with your ex, that it is a good idea to be inviting your exes to the wedding.

My now husband, he invited his ex to the wedding. We never had a discussion about it, I remember. Because if he had, and had insisted, I would also have brought my exes, not just ex to the wedding. And trust me, if you don’t know and you bring those people to your wedding, there’ll always be some sort of drama. On the engagement day, I clearly remember seeing this lady I hadn’t met or seen before.

She didn’t look to be associated to me in anyway but you know weddings, people bring their plus ones and their friends or partners along. I thought she was one of such people. Mmom, she was pretty but there was this sadness about her so during the sharing of the food and drinks, when I was a bit free, I approached her and asked if she was okay. She looked at me with some annoyance before saying she was ok.

Me that I thought I was being nice to her no, she was giving me attitude. Hhmm, I just went to enjoy myself. The following day, after we finished the church wedding, we were taking pictures when she flashed my eyesight again. Ei, na the dress she wore, the least said, the better. She was dressed to kill paa so I wanted to know who she was with. When the friends of the couple were called to take pictures with the couple, this lady rushed to take the spot by my husband.

The way I was eyeing her, in my mind I was doing some wild calculations. In the car to the reception, I asked my husband if he knew the lady and he spoke with this “I don’t care” attitude. He said, “Oh, that’s my ex, Linda” Linda!!!! The things he told me about the lady and the things the lady was doing was beginning to add up but at that point, I was angry with him.

I turned in the car seat and said, “Baby, you know how this your ex behaves and you invited her. You invites her without telling me or speaking to me about it?” He tried to brush it off but it annoyed me the more. We got to the reception with some kind of anger in our look. This Linda ex came with an agenda.

During the dance time, she found a way to slip between us, grinding and smooching my husband. Like… everyone was saying, “Ei, this one is she drunk or something” She repeated it several times and each time I would shove her. My husband started whispering to me to be gentle with her. Ah. I was so annoyed. The last time she did it, I just walked out. My husband followed me, asking me not to throw tantrums and that she was going through a hard time.

I just asked him one question, would you be okay f my ex did the same thing? When he started trying to defend the whole thing, I just reminded him that we just got married. We didn’t need this kind of vibe. He just laughed and told me not to be jealous. I walked to our seat as he went to dance with his mom and some aunties. This girl had the guts to cut in again.

This time, it was obvious she was drunk. She was holding him tight, smooching him and crying all over him. My mother in law was bored to the extreme. She walked hurriedly to where I was, pulled me and said, “Young lady, step aside before I slap you. If you knew you wanted him aaah, you would have stayed” then she turned to me, “Hwɛ na waanfe angu wo kunu so” that was kinda funny and there were some people around.

This lady caused a big scene even as she was being dragged out. My husband was embarrassed but to me, it served him right. You just don’t get up and be inviting exes to your wedding.

Written by East@Edito468

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