He Died A Little Each Time.

Six months until the wedding, I was hopeful we could turn things around. I was about saying “Yes” to a man I didn’t love wholeheartedly. I met him when my current ex broke up with me. He claimed I didn’t love him and couldn’t wait for him to make it. I did love him, but the issue was the waiting part. I had waited for six years, how long was I to wait before settling down?

My ex’s work is the business type. Today its stable and tomorrow he loses all his money. When you advise him to save too he would be acting as if you were being bossy. I know some women would stick but I couldn’t so when my husband to be kept coming to ask me out, I gave in. his main flaw was being overprotective but that was something I had being dealing with my ex so I knew how to handle it.

Wedding fever has a way of playing with your mind. I kept thinking maybe I should return to my ex. What old love can do. I went throwing myself on him, crying and pleading with him that we should come back together. He didn’t believe me. He claimed I was coming back because he was steadily making it and I had seen that he was going to be richer than my husband to be.

Ah, his statements and actions hurt me that day nso when love has sent you. You keep on keeping on. I went back and forth with this guy until about three months and decided to focus on the one who had shown me better days. My husband to be know me so well. He knew there was something wrong so one evening, he came to my end and we talked a great deal. I didn’t want him to know all I had done but I assured him one day I would tell him everything but for the time being, all he needed to know was that it was just the wedding fever and anticipation playing games on my mind.

Such a caring man. He comforted me and told me he would be there for me always, especially as a friend. I believed him. I knew how he cared for me and so I put that ex thing behind me and we went ahead with our wedding. Now, see something. My ex, after pushing me and acting like he didn’t care and insulting me texted me after the engagement that he needed to see me.

I just laughed. All that came to my mind was this guy just wants some form of goodbye intimacy. Anka m’akoa I didn’t go anywhere. It even gingered me to post more pictures of my marriage ceremony on my social media accounts and this guy would still go and watch. Then he blocked me. I was thinking, finally.

Only for my church wedding to come and see his guy seated in the crowd. I know I was mean that day but I couldn’t help it. I was determined to let it pain him. I was being extra sweet and romantic throughout the service. And I would look his way whenever I did. I could see him die a little inside but I didn’t care. That night, he sent me a long text with audios in which he was crying.

I just gave my phone to my husband and said, “What I said I will tell you the other day, here is it” he looked serious but as he read and listened, he didn’t know whether to cry to laugh. He just scooped me up and said, “Well, it’s his loss, not mine” I finally decided, wholeheartedly to give this man a chance and I know I won’t look back ever.

Written by East@Edito468

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