THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: We Had An Unexpected Visitor.

In our part of the world, we should be used to “Dumsor” but hmmmm…. I guess we never learn until it hits you. Hard. We know this situation can never be driven out but when you have enjoyed a long period without it, it’s easy to forget that it still exists. This is how this “Dumsor” nearly disgraced me. During our preparation we didn’t factor in a generator in case of light out, neither did we think of fuel for the generator.

So that morning, I was hot. Both mentally and physically. It felt weird to be single, well not so single but you catch my drift… it felt weird to be single and then about to be bound to one woman for the rest of your natural life. I was having the usual pre wedding jitters and stress. Making last minute calls to some keynote performers at the wedding: the pastors, the MC, the DJ and others. My friends were happily chatting but I was a bit withdrawn. I am one loud extroverted guy but that morning, I was downright nervous!

When they called for the groom to be presented, it was like my legs turned to gel. I was so nervous, one of my guys had to give me something small to calm me down. When I got outside and I saw how beautiful everywhere and everyone looked, it gave me some warmth inside. Just as we were making our way to the centre where the elders sat, the music stopped abruptly. Oh, slowww…

For a few minutes, the place was a confusion, but everyone thought the DJ was probably having issues with the systems so all attention came back to me. Just as the chosen speakers for each family started speaking, the light came back on so I was saved for a bit. It didn’t cross our minds to check if it was light out or a technical hitch.

Then it happened again. When my bride was coming out, the music stopped before she could even make it to the end of the area, where she was to proceed from. Again, some people were eyeing the DJ as though he didn’t know his work. Then one of the aunties in the crowd shouted, “Aden Mahama abɛ sra mo anaa?” that was when our attention was drawn to the possibility.

My guys asked me of gen preparations and I was fumbling. So my bride had to proceed with some “alo” dancing with her friends as people cheered them on. She must have been embarrassed but there was a short veil covering her face and a big fan which must have hidden some gentle drops of tears. So as the MC was talking and cracking jokes, my guys quickly got to work, trying to find a “for-hire” generator.

We were about to put on our rings when they came in with the gen and set it up. Just when we had used it for about some few minutes, the lights came back. How annoying. I nearly asked my guys to send it back but I was asked to hold on. And lo and behold they did it again. During the after party when the DJ had put on some cool songs and we were dancing away, Mahama visited again. Hmmmm, JM na adɛn?

I was grateful that I listened. Whew!! It was so embarrassing going through major and important parts of the ceremony without light when we needed it.

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