THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: They Are Getting Married.

Tomorrow they are getting married. I can’t believe this, that it’s been a year since I got married and my best friend is joining me. I turn to look at her and her soon to be husband and as I remember how everything started for them, it fills me with so many good emotions.

During the bouquet toss at my wedding, I wasn’t willing to let go of my bouquet so easily. The floor was super glassy and slippery and so I was making all effort not to slip. The MC and I had agreed that I would toss the bouquet on the third time but when it was the third time, I didn’t. Someone had already nearly fallen so I decided to toss it the last time. I turned my back, threw the bouquet way over my head and turned. All I saw was my best friend who isn’t so slim, jump to catch the bouquet then fall.

“Oh!” Covering my mouth, I watched as people laughed at her and made fun of it. She isn’t all that confident in crowds, especially people she doesn’t know. So she was very embarrassed and didn’t know how to get up. We watched as Nii, one of my husband’s groomsmen walked up to her and held out his hand. She took it and he helped her up. Then people started acting sympathetic, especially the ladies with the “aww” things.

To make things as natural as possible, the MC asked them if they were dating, they both said “yes” but my husband and I knew it wasn’t true. They were both single and weren’t even paired together but when love strikes….. So for the rest of the reception, they were seen together and danced whenever one of the hit songs came on. By the time everything was over, those two were inseparable.                  

Unfortunately, Nii is a bit shy and reserved and couldn’t ask for her number and my friend became deflated, thinking the guy was just putting up a show at the wedding. Funny enough, they met at another wedding but this time, they were paired. My friend told me it was awkward for them at first because she thought he was going to put up a show and he thought she had lost interest in him.

At this wedding, there was a garter toss, Nii caught it and asked for a flower from the bouquet instead. Whilst everyone was looking, he presented the flower to my friend. She decided to give Nii a chance should he ask and he did this time around. They have been inseparable since. Nii does his best to show he loves her and she in return appreciates all that he does for her.

Their proposal and engagement was another funny story. He had pranked her earlier and she had being irritated because she felt some jokes are expensive. So for a few days she was moody, he also pretended to be annoyed and moody, not knowing he was all that while planning her proposal. She called me, complaining about a whole lot that he was doing to annoy her, honestly, I wasn’t paying attention because I was helping him, along with some mutual friends to set up the place.

So finally, when she paused for a while, I asked her causally about hanging out with me and the girls. She was so bored she didn’t think about it. She said yes. Even when I was giving her a dress code and all, she didn’t catch on or ask any questions. She came all dressed up, looking very pretty. My friend, Bee (Beatrice) was in heels. Something she rarely does.

I guess she must have been in the spirit. As the girls ushered her in, she was met with her surprise. Out of shock and happy feelings, this one slipped and fell again. She had been jumping up and down in her heels. We all laughed. Nii also knelt, asked her to marry him and helped her up after she said “Yes”

It was a funny thing. Meeting because she fell while catching a bouquet and slipping and falling during her surprise proposal. Lol. I don’t know why but looking at them during the aftermath of their engagement, I was praying she didn’t trip up or slip during her wedding day.

We don’t want any other wahala. I pray the love they found survives all the times ahead, especially the “falls” I mean literal falls and colloquial falls.

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