THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: The Dress Wouldn’t Fit.

The first day we took each other home to meet our parents, we were scared they wouldn’t accept the other. But we guessed wrong. They took a liking to us immediately and couldn’t wait for us to tie the knot. For my parents, especially my dad, he kept stressing that we keep ourselves until after the wedding. Hm, I was there bragging and doing, “mof mof” I kept assuring them that we wouldn’t do otherwise.

When my guy finally came home to see my parents, I wasn’t even around, neither was I aware. I came home late that evening to meet them happy and discussing marriage matters. I looked at them and thought probably it was one of his random visits. Sɛɛ na madam was on her way to becoming a Mrs. His way of asking me to marry him was so emotional and beautiful, everyone who was present or watched the video said it was a nice and sweet one.

Then during the wedding preparations, I had to pick out my wedding dress. I have quite the figure so I wanted something that would show off my curves. I did and my mother and an aunt who went with me totally loved it. I showed it to about two other family and friends and they couldn’t wait to see me in the dress. It needed a few finishing touches and alterations so we had to leave it and come back for it later.

Unfortunately, after the tradintonal wedding, my guy had to travel for a short wrile. So we had to move the white wedding day forward by about three weeks. I couldn’t wait for him to come so we put the final seal on this union. During that time period, whenever I went out, people would be praisng how my skin looked so flawless and how I was putting on weight in the right places. I knew my diet and skin care products were working so I basked in the light of all the praises.

Then my guy returned and we continued witht the preparations. I went back with my younger sister to see to the dress and it didn’t fit. Mmmm, what was all this? No matter how I tried, it didn’t fit. I was getting frustrated. My sister tried calming me down but it wasn’t working so she called my mother on video call. My mother asked me to turn to face her. Then with a serious tone she said, come home now.

When I got home, she asked me to try on my shoes. Surprisingly the shoes too didn’t fit. I was worried. Which kind of weight gain too is this? Then she looked at me and asked, “Do you know what this means?” I said no. She said, “here take this” She handed me this thing. I asked her what it was for, and she answered that I should go to the bath room and pee on it. That was my first time of coming across or seeing a pregnancy test strip.

Hmm, I was pregnant! After all my boasting and bragging. I had gone to do the do and that was the reason for my weight gain and increase in foot size. Oow, my mother looked hurt but after all the talking and everything, there was nothing I could do. What saved us small was that I wasn’t far gone and the few days ahead was my big day.

The allowance in my dress was small but I had to make do with it. As for getting another shoe, it was another stress. I enjoyed my big day and my new marriage but not the way I wanted it.

The dress didn’t exactly fit, and although my curves were showing, one curve was unplanned for. A slight stomach bulge. I had to throw caution to the wind and enjoy myself like that.  Next time, I wont go doing “mof mof” when I am already doing the forbidden.

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