THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: The DJ Played “Nonsense” Music.

Some of us grew up in homes where all we heard was gospel music. Every Sunday on our way to and back from church, we were treated to songs by Stella Dugan, Cindy Thompson, Emma Newman and Daughters of Glorious Jesus. I was never a fan of all this Hip life and Dancehall stuff. Thankfully, I found a woman who had similar music tastes. When we were looking for someone to play music at our wedding, we wanted something that reflected our tastes.

This guy looked in our faces and charged us as if he wasn’t going to work again after our ceremony. We needed his services so we paid. Then we told him about our preferences. More of the Gospel, High Life and probably when we leave and most of our older guests have left he can play what the younger ones want. He sat there saying, “Oh boss, no worries. I am going to deliver koraa” My wife appeared to want to say something so he asked her, “Madam, anything you want to add?” She smiled and replied that “Yes” She wanted to make sure he went strictly by our request.

Since the groom is ushered in first, I was called to come in with my groomsmen. So we made our beautiful queue, and started dancing, the DJ should play a song aa, “Tule, Tule…. Fuck boys we no like cheap girls” Oh. We stopped dead in our way as our guests looked around as if something was wrong. oh, this DJ paa. Hm. He played the instrumentals for a few seconds then changed to something a bit more appropriate.

When the bride was also being called in, he started with some intsrumentals before going in with “Come and See My Mother” Ah. But isn’t that what we were there for? My wife didn’t really like it but she went ahead with it. He continued playing sexually suggestive music throughout. Then five minutes biaaa, na gospel baako nnam mu. After we had worn the rings and been prayed for, this guy played a song bi, “Mede BƐ Bom”. Ei, What are we going to “bɔɔ mu?” Then he brought sorkorpimpim. Hmmm. Some people were happy and giving us fans.

Deep down my wife and I were not happy. For the last time when the MC asked him to give us a song to go and sit down too aah, we heard, “Ey, Ai, Ai” Kwabena Kwabena and Samini were coming on. We just did some skirmish and went to sit down. The way my wife was throwing dirty looks his way. This guy wasn’t even moved. He just winked at us, gave us a thumbs up and played one song and that was it.

As refreshments went on, the MC convinced us to come and dance some more. Right in front of our pastors, as we were dancing, this guy changed the song and sent the new one to the part where it said, “Nea osofo bɛka biaa, you just say I do, I do, I do” then all we heard was, “Marriage certificate no  nie…” We tried going to sit down but by now we were surrounded by some family and friends. We couldn’t escape so we had to do some fake dancing till the song ended before leaving.

We had done a down payment so after that day, he came early for the white wedding. We thanked him and said, it was okay. We didn’t need his services for that day. We weren’t ready for any more of his tricks and music. Apart from that, we had a good day but most of our church members and family were giving us the eye like we requested for those songs. Hmmm. Ɛyɛ asem oh.

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