THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: Someone Spoke Up And Scared Us.

My father’s elder brother is a very funny person. Whenever you paid him a visit, which was a must for all of us, you had to present him with something. Personally, I didn’t mind going around as often as I could and going with something for him. I knew how much he had sacrificed for his siblings, especially my father so I thought it was the least I could do to bring him a gift or give him some cash whenever I had more than enough.

When I was about to get married, he was the first family member after my father and mother to meet my lady. He made her so comfortable although she had been shy and reluctant to go meet him. He made a lot of jokes about marriage and wedding days that made us laugh so hard. They were funny observations but there was some truth in it and I kept it close all these years. Before leaving, he asked my lady to hold me close because I was a real gem. She smiled and said okay.

During the time before the wedding, I continued to visit my uncle. I wasn’t really having a lot on me due to all my expenditure for the wedding. He would make jokes about how he would be waiting for all I owed him. My aunt would give me a signal to ignore him and I would laugh. Those two were something else. I told my uncle I had made a list of all the things that I owed him in my head.

My wedding day came and I was nervous as hell. I was trying to find my uncle in the crowd. I knew just a word from him would calm my nerves but I couldn’t find him. When the pastor asked if anyone has something to say or forever hold their peace, there was a voice from the back which shouted, “Yes” my heart was pounding. My wife to be looked at me with some fear. Everyone was craning their neck to see who had spoken up.

The pastor asked the person to walk to the front and let everyone see him or her before they said their piece. There was another voice that responded that the person couldn’t get up so the microphone should be brought to them instead. For those sixty to two hundred seconds, my heart was on fire. Who would want to be so wicked to us? We both didn’t have any vengeful exes or people who were out to get us.

Then the voice that spoke up made most of us turn. All that he said was, “Osofo, he is owing me ohhh” Almost everyone laughed as some shock their heads. It was my uncle. The family comedian again. The way and manner in which he said it made us all laugh. He said it in twi. He was like, “oso, akoa no ɔde me ka oooh” The pastor, put his hand on his waist, bent his head and laughed small. He must have thought there was something wrong with my uncle.

He responded amidst laughter, “Papa, sɛ ɛkaa ɛka nkoaa deɛ aa, we can continue” We both heaved a sigh of relief as our wedding continued. My uncle paaa. I am sure he wanted to add some “ginger” to the whole ceremony. I’m sure most of our family and friends will remember our union because of that. When my wife and I spoke about it later, we both confessed that for a second we thought the other was cheating and the cheating partner had shown up to cause chaos. Thanks to my uncle for sewing some seeds of doubts in our otherwise clear minds.

I thank God everything went on smoothly. I know my wife is a good choice and a blessing because if it had been some other woman, she would have been dramatic and halted the wedding and made everything worse off.

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