After our marriage was blessed, we had a small reception nearby. Our friends, only they know where they got the idea from. They sprayed us with rice. Most of them threw uncooked rice on us. A few of those who didn’t have uncooked rice went for some of the white cooked rice being served and also showered us. My husband and I dodged it but we were covered in a mixture of rice as we sped away in our small car.

We had opted to drive to our honeymoon location. It all added to the beauty and charm of what awaited us. On our way, we played some of our favorite love songs. It was one long drive. From time to time, whenever we hit some mini traffic on the road, my husband would smile and we would kiss until there was a honk behind us. Then we would continue the journey. An hour later, we were nowhere near our destination. My husband said it was a surprise so I didn’t have an idea where exactly we were headed to.

After dozing for a while, I realized we were in a different region. Hmm, I begun guessing. Every 10 to 15mins, I would ask, “Are we there yet?” He would shake his head. I checked my phone. It was getting late, we were still on the road and I was getting hungry. We didn’t really eat during the reception and we hadn’t thought to pack any food. Hubby kept assuring me we were close.

We drove past a long stretch of palm trees, beautiful beaches and a lovely shoreline. I felt we were close. Suddenly, the car broke down. It stopped abruptly in the road and we turned to look at each other. He quickly got out of the car, opened the bonnet and started fixing things. We were there for a long time. Every now and then, one car would pass by. It was almost 8:00pm by now. The last town we passed was about two and a half hours back.

My husband tried to flag down any car that came up, they all sped off. With increasing cases in crime, people were surely being extra careful. My legs were getting stiff from sitting so I stepped out and peered over the hood. Sorry if I am mixing things up. I don’t really know the parts of a car. I hope you get me. I tried asking if where we were supposed to lodge was close. He murmured something. You could see the disappointment written all over his soon.

Soon, the disappointment on his face changed to worry and fear. A lot of calls had been but none had gone through. We were hungry, tired and cold. The air was getting cold and we were at a loss as to what to do. We didn’t know whether to walk to town or walk ahead. So I suggested we sleep in the car for the night. “The car???? No, honey, no” He was strongly against it but you know, when you are hit with something you haven’t planned for, you mostly don’t think straight.

In the end, we had to make do with sleeping in the car. It was just a tiny bit uncomfortable. All the feelings and readiness to do the do vanished. The way we had imagined our first night together wasn’t anywhere close to what happened. We had to wait until the next day, in the afternoon before help came. When we arrived at our honeymoon place, it was a beautiful sight and everything was refreshing, but I wasn’t in the mood for any show. I just slept away.

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