THE WEDDING TALK SERIES: Layers of Cake With A Beautiful Touch.

Somewhere along the line, I became very money conscious so much so that some of the people wo were in charge of things like the food and décor were finding me annoying. Already, I am someone who is very careful about money matters so much so that it appears as if I am a miser at times. Maybe, it is true, I am a miser.

In this day and age when not all of us are blessed with large amounts of wealth from either side of our families or our own pockets, you need to know how to manage your finances, especially before you enter into marriage. Or draw up a wedding plan to execute.

Therefore, when my husband gave me money to go and get any cake of my choice for the wedding, I was very happy and grateful. I took to Instagram, poring over beautiful wedding cake designs and ideas. I found one that caught my eye and took a screenshot and sent it to my husband. He absolutely loved it and replied, “Honey, get this one ASAP!!!!!” Now, I had to look for some of the best wedding cake bakers with flair in town.

That was when I realised those pretty pretty cakes didn’t come cheap. I would look at each person’s cakes on their page, like it and move on. Such expensive cakes filled with only sugar for like three hours. Mtswwww. Then I told myself, “Ah, that Sister Yaa Yaa who lives in our neighbourhood no, can’t she do this cake that we want?” Medeɛ kyerɛ ma mensene. Everyday support your own but when the time comes you go and give the money and the order to these big IG people.

I decided to go to her house all the while convincing myself I was doing the right thing. People praised her pastry and artistry skills and I believed she could work that magic on my wedding day. When I got there, she left everything she was doing and sat with me. As I showed her the cake, she said, “Ohhh, this one isn’t so delicate to make my sister. When you sleep, sleep” With that, I thanked her and left. Happy I had chosen her and excited for how she was going to recreate that cake.

During the reception, everything was going on well until they wheeled in our cake. Eeei, na what is this? We exchanged glances, my husband and I. As if to say, “sister, you better pray this cake doesn’t disgrace us oh” “Oh broda come on nowww, don’t you trust me?” Na so the wedding cake don turn out to be disaster!!!! Sister Yaa Yaa claimed she had killed it koraa.  Anokwale, she had more than killed the thing.

This cake looked like it would fall off its stand any minute. It had a sickening shade of the wedding colours I had showed Sister Yaa Yaa. What spoilt matters was the embellishment she had added. On the last tier, (It was a three tier cake) she had placed a toy mannequin of a groom and a bride. Mmmm hmm, that one some. The one that some people use for their wedding cakes or the types used to decorate birthday cakes for little girls no bi.

As I sat there, hot tears rushed into my eyes. Oh this sister, what kind of disgrace was she setting us up for? So we went to cut our cake with this look on our faces. Eating it, I nearly spit mine out. Herh, cake na it is sweet like they used only sugar to make it no? Hmm, maybe I should have gone in for one of these Instagram people.

It’s not like the money given wouldn’t have been enough oh. This attitude of calculating everything and wanting quality and quantity for less money had caused me this. Well, in the end people were fighting over the cake. You know some crazy people and their notions about wedding cakes.

So, on our anniversary, I purchased one hell of an expensive wedding cake to cool my husband’s heart and beg for what happened a year ago. This time the cake was just mwaaah! He loved and it but he had to add, “if only you had ordered for this one instead of this area mama of yours aaah…” I only sat there and watched him. After all, I caused it.

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