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Hi Auntie Abena

Thanks for the platform. You are saving lives????

Now I am a woman and I want to address issues for us women here so to know who to ask for help from and confide in trusted people

Question: Women, have you asked yourself why the fine young man you loved soo much slept with you just once, didn’t contact you or pick your calls again? How about the man you got angry with for telling you that you’ve given him an infection, your v-jay smells or you have bad breath or body odour? Have you?

Note this: I’m not saying it’s cool but if it’s true he was good enough to tell you then you’ll have to work on yourself. It’s the bitter truth my beautiful women ????‍♀️????‍♀️

Apart from someone who just wants to hit and run, believe me other guys will leave because of your bad smell from your mouth, body to your p*ssy

Aunty Abena, I have heard and read some men say awful things about their women’s vagina which smelled like crazy (dead rat, momoni (rotten fish delicacy) and other awful smells) and gave them bad infections. This is all because some of my fellow women have refused to take care of their body and vagina????????

My fellow women, there is something you need to know. Our v-jay is open so we can easily easily pick up infections and little bacteria which can cause itching, bad smell and discharges anywhere that is not neat.

As for you ladies who sleep around like you are drinking water nu, if after sex you don’t completely wash away all the semen it will result in bad odour to your v-jay.

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Secondly, some women get very offended when their men tell them the truth about their v-jay. Even if he was the one who gave you that infection, just keep calm and treat it well before you have sex again????

Caution to my men. When you are saying it, be nice about it. Also stop sleeping around. Yes! It’s you I’m talk to.

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Ladies, if you have any of these issues, talk to someone you can trust. Go to the hospital. Get medications and work on yourself so you can feel confident in your own body. Not only for your man but for yourself to feel fresh, clean with no smelly dead rat smell on your body or in your v-jay. Don’t feel shy to seek help when you have such Issues.

It’s better to ask for help than to lose a loved one because of bad bad smell and odour. I know a lot of women out there have lost their love ones and lack confidence because of bad bad smell and body odour. Talk to someone and get help.

If you have questions and want to chat, whatsapp me on 0555514183.

I’m Mimi Seglo

Thank  you for reading.

Written by Abena Magis

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