THE MARRIAGE TABLE: You Will Say One Thing And Do The Other.

We were having brunch at one of our favourite eateries. Since some of us got married or engaged, it had been near to impossible to have time together as friends. I liked meeting up with my friends because I not only enjoyed the amazing food and the atmosphere but I took a lot from the advice they gave and the experiences they shared. Little did I know that that day’s discussion was about to happen to me and I would need all the advice and experience to walk out of it a sane human.

That particular day, we discussing cheating in marriages and how people handled it. Three of my friends were married, myself included and the other two were engaged. It was only one person who was still dating. Everyone was sharing their experience and opinion on the matter. Some said they would beat the other woman black and blue and for their partner, they would either let their family know and leave or they would make their lives miserable.

Our dating friend said for her, she would cause a scene but if she really loved the person, she would try and work it out, unless he showed signs of being a serial cheat. We laughed. She was the one who definitely could cause a scene but also being such a romantic, she would go ahead and see if things would work out. Then they turned to look at me and asked, what would I do?

I shoved some food in my mouth, in an attempt not to talk but they pressed me. So I said, “Well me, I’d look at them and walk out. I would act as though nothing happened and watch as I make him miserable until he becomes scared and beg to opt out or really sit up and change the order of things” they were silent for a while and laughed. They didn’t think it was that easy because they had either had a first-hand experience of catching their then partners in the act or heard of that of a close associate.

A few months after our brunch, I had dropped the kids at school when I realized I had left some stuff I planned on giving out at home. I wanted to leave it for the next day but I felt I had to go for it. Driving into our compound, I found the neighbourhood very quiet. It wasn’t surprising since most of us were at work or school. I couldn’t find where I had kept the bag so I walked to the bedroom to check.

I was met with one heart wrenching scene. On our matrimonial bed was my husband, with a young girl on top of him, as he moaned and sighed like a child. I must say they were having a good time. For close to two minutes, they were lost in their own world until I screamed. I felt like something had passed through my head. I held my head and screamed until they both jumped up, naked.

I went berserk for a minute there. The girl didn’t look frightened, but my husband was. I started crying as I spoke, “Charles!!, so you didn’t get anyone or anywhere than here?!!!”

My husband was now looking for something to cover himself as the girl stood there unbothered. She must have been bigger than I was but I don’t know where I got the strength from. I scattered the cosmetics on my dressing mirror, I kicked at the big, tall mirror and when it fell, I grabbed it and smacked the girl. She was now running for cover.

I stood there for a while, my chest heaving as I cried. I looked at them for a while, then walked to the wardrobe. The girl was now scared so she run into the bathroom as my husband tried to stop me. He must have thought I was bringing out a deadly weapon but I shook him off, pulled out what I came for and left.

When I got out, I looked at our house again. Remembering all we had gone through and what we had built over the years. I wiped my face, sat in my car and redid my makeup. Then I sped off as I played some “feel good music”.

It was then that I remembered the conversation with my friends about cheating. You think you know what you are going to do in a given situation but you will find out that day that what you said isn’t what you’d even do. I have since divorced him despite his pleas and changed behaviour. I don’t know what happened with the girl but once, I spotted someone like her in a crowd at a public gathering. If it was her, I am sure she bolted because when I turned to get a better look, she was gone

Written by East@Edito468

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