Since we got married, I have never enjoyed the month of April. When April is approaching, I prepare for it physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. My wife gets moody and irritable the whole of the month. The first time it happened, I chalked it to women problems. I did my best to cheer her up but it worsened things. I gave her space, thinking maybe her new role might be overwhelming her.

 She carried throughout the whole month the same way. She would walk around the house all sad and withdrawn. There were times I heard her crying at night when she thought I was fast asleep. I wondered where I went wrong. As soon as May 1st came, she was a different personality. She would get out of bed with some zest in her attitude. She would go and buy me waakye or Hausa koko from our favourite spot in our hood before proceeding to get ready for work.

I wondered a lot. She was my real life Princess Fiona. By April one, by May another. Hmmmm. I asked her if she lost something or someone close to her in April, she said “no”. I asked her why the change in attitude the whole of April, she didn’t answer. She would smile sweetly and kiss the hell out of me until all the questions fled from my mind. When I remembered, she would pretend she didn’t hear me and I would let go for peace’s sake.

This April moodiness has gone on for four years. In the third year, I thought to spice up our love in April. I tried an April Fool’s prank on her. I nearly died from her reaction. Angry outbursts, withering looks and a whole sea of silent treatment. I didn’t know what to do or say. So I couldn’t have a normal April without this strange attitude each year? I wanted to bring either our families or our pastor in. This thing was eating me away.

In the third year, when it happened again. I psyched my mind. She wanted to get moody? Not on my watch. I also pretended to be moody. Everything she had done to me for the past three years, I did same to her. Initially it was working and I was hoping it would bring her some realization snd change but she quickly went back into her moody shell. I was determined so I increased the fire. You could see she was feeling it but she didn’t know how to approach me.

I was the one who gave in. I am not built that way. I couldn’t continue when I saw how miserable it made her. I pleaded with her to let me in on what was going on with her. I wasn’t going to be judgemental with her past. This woman sat there like stone. She sat there coolly and only nodded. It got me so pissed off. We have seen marriages break up over the littlest and silliest of things. That’s not the story I want told about mine.

Seriously, who else has ever experienced anything like this? Is there something in April that I am not getting? What is the secret to get her to let me in? Any investigative traits or hacks I can use to crack my wife open? I am trying to make this work but I think I will also choose a month and go all cool some. Especially when she gets horny and needs me, I will make her cry pepper. Mm hmmm. That will be nice paa.

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