THE MARRIAGE TABLE: Weight Watchers.

Weight watching after a wedding is a real phenomenon. After the wedding, I was still enjoying my new title and basking in the joys and glory of marriage. The second Sunday after our honeymoon, I joined my husband in his church. During the offertory, I was returning to my seat when one elderly lady accosted me.

“My dear, you must be new here” She said.

“Yes, I recently got married and decided to join my husband in his church” I responded, beaming with smiles. She nodded and each one took their seats. After church, she approached us and exchanged small talk with us for a while. Then she blurted,

“Errrh Nii, I can see you’re taking good care of your wife” My husband is the extroverted kind so he laughed and said “Yes”. This woman didn’t seem to want us to go. She spoke about how he was supposed to take care of me and vice versa. My husband too didn’t seem to find anything wrong with how she went on talking, unstopped.

When she finally let us go, my legs were hurting. Partly from the heels I was wearing and partly from having had to stand there for so long to listen to her string of advices. The following Sunday, the same thing happened. After church, it was as though we were exchanging pleasantries, but she launched into a full blown lecture on how I should be keeping my husband well and fed.

This time too, she commented on my weight. My husband only laughed and told her he was trying to fatten me up. I was a bit uncomfortable but I smiled until my cheeks hurt. This woman was unstoppable. Soon, it wasn’t only her I was experiencing this weight watching from. Other “aunties” and well-wishers from our church, neighbourhood and work place joined in.

Every week, they would tell me how I was gradually putting on weight. Then they would wink and whisper that they knew it wasn’t only the food I was eating that was making me so plump. The comments were never ending. From how I was putting on weight to how my skin was glowing, it was just so uncomfortable. There were those who even asked me what was the secret to my weight gain and my glowing skin.

I would tell them all they needed was a healthy diet and enough rest but they would tap me and say,” Eeeei sister, woboa” So if you knew the secret, why would you still ask me? Then the comments changed to how I must be with child. Hmm, every title comes with its own wahala. So a woman couldn’t enjoy her marriage in peace? They would ask me and I would reply that there was nothing. Other’s would also ask me how far gone I was. Then their faces would look surprised when I said there was nothing.

Six months into my marriage, I fell ill and lost some weight. Then again, tongues were wagging. Now the story was I had lost the pregnancy and didn’t want people to know. I couldn’t believe my ears. Why couldn’t people be mindful of their words? My husband was now feeling what I had been feeling from the word go but he didn’t want it to be obvious that that was how he felt. We learnt to ignore the gossip and the negative comments and the harsh words disguised as concerns.

It appears in our societies, there will always be “weight watchers” they will be watching with hawk eyes to see every change your body goes through and waiting for the announcement of a baby but you learn to live and deal with them as you enjoy your life and the blessings that come along.

Written by East@Edito468

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