THE MARRIAGE TABLE: The Palm Nut Soup Helped Matters. (Part 2)

After playing with her grandchildren for a while, she walked into the kitchen and stood akimbo in the doorway, asking several questions. I answered all her questions as calmly as I could. Then she turned around and said, “Maame, add a lot of tuna and salmon ooo, now your mother, that is all I take. I turned from what I was doing and stared at her back. Temptations upon temptations.

I called my husband to help me pound the fufu and halfway through it, my mother-in-law came to call my husband that it was something urgent. He left and came back shaking his head with a smile on his face. I asked him what it was and he replied that the TV wasn’t working.Then he added that the children might have accidentally taken out the cords as they played around. I asked him to go back to see to her, that I was almost done. He sensed the anger in my voice and retreated.

So, everything was set and done. We were at table eating when she started again about how “hot” the soup was. I refused to talk. Then the weirdest thing happened. Everything she tried saying after that attracted this strange and wheezing cough. We got her water but it still went on. Then after a while, instead of her to eat her food, she asked again, “where is my meat?” she didn’t let me respond and went at it again, “but if I say I take only tuna and salmon now, cant you leave me…” the strange cough returned.

She drank some water. Took some fufu with soup and spoke up again. “You leave me wwhjbewke…” then the cough returned, it sounded funny so the kids must have thought she was acting. i nearly laughed each time she coughed but  I dint want to hear about being a witch or knowing of this her strange wheezing cough. My husband was more than concerned and asked her to stop eating so we take her to the hospital.

 “Ah”, I said in my head, “na take her and let us eat in peace erhh”. We had to finish up quickly whilst she sat in a resting chair and every attempt at speaking was met with her cough. Well, we took her to the hospitable, she was checked and some tests were run. The doctors said it wasn’t anything serious but they wanted to observe her. Ow, at that point, she looked miserable and lonely but we couldn’t offer her much help. My husband offered to stay with her but she sent us all home.

My in-law came back a reformed woman. She was still up to her drama stuff but not like at first. Initially she wasn’t talking much but as days passed, she returned to herself. I was contemplating giving her some of my “hot” palm nut soup but I stopped. Anka the things she would go out saying about me, only God would be able to save me.

Maybe the next time she informs us she is coming around, I will give her that exact type of soup and see if something interesting would happen again.

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