THE MARRIAGE TABLE: I Knew He Had Baby Mama’s But I Went Ahead. (Part 2)

He was now in is early thirties, yet no woman wanted to hear about even one baby mama, not to mention two. Until he found me. Initially, I gave it a lot of thought. A man with two children, from different women. His finances weren’t so okay, so if I decided to be with him, how was the future going to be like? I was also nearing thirty. I hadn’t had a good love story but I decided to give him a chance. He did things which irritated me and I focused on the good.

I witnessed several dramas and quarrels between him and the mothers of his children but I stayed because his love was different. When luck begun to shine on him, his baby mama’s changed. Now I was their target. Warnings here and there. So many rules regarding me being around their children but I didn’t give up. One of them, the first, was the worst. The second was okay, just that she was wary about another woman around her son. For the first, it was obvious she wished he had married her or stayed with her or something.

My husband kept assuring me he wasn’t going back to any of them but the chemistry between he and each of them was still there. I got scared on some days. I had a lot of doubts and questions. Was this even worthwhile? Baby mama drama till I died? Hmm. One time, I came to visit him and found baby mama no.1 throwing herself at him and he doing nothing about it. I was so mad I left.

After everything I had being through with this man, he wanted to be with her? Well, love is a risky game and I had chosen this risk. If he wanted to be with her, he could go. But he run back into my arms and has never gone back. When he got a promotion at his new job, he came to see my family. He married me. Our lives changed. I was now drawn into the baby mama drama.

It’s been one stressful but loving journey. We have cried and we have laughed but today, I am happy I didn’t look back and turn the other way. We have been blessed with twins. His other kids have grown up nicely and things aren’t so strained amongst us all. He keeps it short and civil with the other two. The second is okay with me now but the first still shows some distance whenever she has to be around us. We are okay. We will keep going. Sometimes, you don’t get a fairy tale love story.

You get something better. Something real which makes you know that yes, this life isn’t always black and white. He is still learning to be a better person and I am also always there to offer my love and support. I will teach my children, including the other two that sometimes, in fact, always, never let your “junior” or your Akosua kuma to lead you. And always lead an honest and upright life.

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