THE MARRIAGE TABLE: I Knew He Had Baby Mama’s But I Went Ahead. (Part 1)

Always we hear stories of baby mama’s being blessed with good marriages. Today you’ll read about a baby daddy and his journey to love. He didn’t start well but along the line, he realised he needed to turn his life around and he did. My husband was 23 when he had his first child. He was still in school and didn’t know his left from his right, but his “junior” knew more, sadly. The lady was a course mate and brought the news to his house. His parents were disappointed but decided to assist.

The lady’s parents were mounting pressure on him to come home and marry her but his parents insisted they take their time and eventually the love between them died and turned sour. This young man didn’t learn sense. He allowed “junior” to lead him again. He was almost done with service when his then girlfriend called him to inform him of the pregnancy. He thought his parents would come again to assist but his father ordered his mother not to interfere, as he also was going to do same. He told his son he was grown now, he had to experience life.

He says he smelled pepper but then again, his body was always sweeting him. He had two kids now and he didn’t have enough to marry the second girlfriend and so she moved on. Although life was hard for him, he says he found ways and means to enjoy himself until his new girlfriend also got pregnant, nine months into their relationship. Things went from hard to tough. He had two children to cater for, another was on the way and he was turning thirty soon.

His life became miserable, always on phone with his baby mamas and the drama. The third was in for a surprise since she had no idea of the first two kids. She lost interest in him, he hadn’t being honest and she was now facing the reality on the ground. Probably she did something but my husband was called at work of his girlfriend falling. He rushed to the hospital and spent the whole weekend with her. She suffered but she pulled through. They lost the baby.

When she was brought home, she sat him down and spoke to him. She couldn’t continue the journey with him. He says he was devastated because he was learning to love her and make things right. From there, his love life took a nosedive. No lady wanted a guy with kids, especially two different baby mamas. A guy who didn’t have his life together. He sat down, had a deep reflection and told himself he would do better. Around that time, his father also called him to speak to him, the end of it all was that he had to move. Now, it seemed life was really dealing with him. He asked for a bit more time, saved up, whilst defaulting on his child support for both kids.

He asked around for loans and added up to rent his own small place. Then he asked for a study leave, went back to school to better himself. There were a lot of sleepless nights, going to bed on an empty stomach and a lot more baby mama drama but he pressed on. By and by, he completed, and found himself a better job. He was now able to support his children, although not the way he wanted.

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