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Saved By The Blood.

Last week Saturday, my boyfriend Kay came to visit me. I was happy because I hadn’t seen him in a while. We both have pretty busy work schedules but the last month had been very hectic. I gave him a big hug and squeezed him tight, inhaling his Old Spice deodorant and sighing. He pulled back, looked at me and smiled. “You must have missed me a lot, huh?” I only smiled shyly.

When we entered my room, things got heated. One moment found us talking and laughing, the next minute we were intertwined and entangled. Just as he tried to open my bra, I pushed back and sat there, staring hard at him as we both breathed heavily. He stared at me for a few seconds, grabbed his phone and keys and slammed the door after him.

I wasn’t moved. We had been in this situation several times. He didn’t understand my “hot and cold” attitude. We had spoken about it on numerous occasions but the real reason for my attitude was something I had not spoken to him about.

It happened two years prior, when I was in my second year about moving to my third year in the university. I had thrown caution to the wind, living my best life. I did as I pleased: going for lectures when I wanted to because I knew I didn’t suffer to commit to memory what I learnt. I ate what and when I wanted. I dressed to kill and also; I had a boyfriend, Jojo. He was adventurous and interesting. Although we both agreed early on in our relationship to not indulge in any dilly dallying, we couldn’t keep our agreement. Any least opportunity we got, we would jump into bed. Engulfed in our passions.

Then a week to the mid semester examinations, I missed my period. I told myself sometimes periods delayed so it was nothing to worry about. A day passed, two days, three days and still nothing. I began to panic. This had never happened before. I wasn’t able to focus at lectures, food didn’t taste like food anymore. I was hot! When my roommates brought up conversations, I couldn’t even open my mouth to say anything.

To say the least, I was an emotional wreck. I failed my mid semester exams. I had horrible nightmares each night and would wake up with a jolt. I didn’t know who to open up to. I was scared to tell Jojo about it. But he had noticed my sudden change and was waiting for me to open up and talk about it. I thought about all the sacrifices my family had made and how disappointed my parents would be should I go home with the news of a pregnancy.

A pregnancy. I didn’t even want to think it could be a possibility. I didn’t want to go to the hospital, neither did I want to purchase a pregnancy test kit. At this point, I was a mess. Mid semester exams week had come to pass. I had missed my period by a week and three days at this point but it felt like a year, a whole year gone by. My roommates and close friends had been questioning me but I was scared. I finally told Jojo and all he could say was “Okay” Okay????? What was okay about this? I didn’t see or hear from him again.

Written by East@Edito468

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