RELATIONSHIPS: Words Mean Nothing In Some Cases.

In relationships nowadays, you hear people talking about how words don’t mean anything. To some extent, it is true and real. Words don’t mean a thing if it’s not backed by actions. And when we say actions, we don’t mean just anything. We mean actions that are true and helpful. If a guy tells you he loves you don’t let it end there. Watch his actions to check if they show love. Trust me, words and actions go hand in hand.

When I met him, I didn’t want to give in but he had a way with words. He came across as genuine and innocent. Like he meant no harm and only serious business. Well, maybe he did and does mean business but he couldn’t prove it and with that I decided to let him go. It’s not been so long since we broke up and I am beginning to feel as though if he should come around again I would give him another chance.

Before someone comes to tell me and conclude that people are not all the same and express love differently please relax first. No one feels the heat as much as the one by the fire. I was with him for a couple of years so I know what I am talking about. When it comes to taking, he will have you eating out of his palm in no time. Yet when it is time to put his words into actions then it is like pulling hair from your nose. So difficult and painful.

He would look me straight in the eyes, with all seriousness and a calm soothing voice and profess his love for me. Of how he had laid down some of the best plans for our future life together and unfortunately I wasn’t seeing them in real life. What made matters worse was when after two and a half years together I started questioning him on what the way forward was. He said, “Of course coming to see your family” I nodded. When I asked about me meeting his family, he assured me, we would go.

The first time he gave me hope about meeting his family, I started making plans for that day. I didn’t want home to come one day to tell me we were going when I hadn’t psyched myself for it or prepared what sorts of gifts to give to his parents and two sisters. So I started saving up bit by bit. Three months passed by, four months then almost a year. I sat him down and asked about it again. He explained how things hadn’t worked out how he wanted and that we had to postpone it to the next year since that year had almost ended.

It was then dawning on me that words are nice to hear but it isn’t all there is to love and living life. I started observing him more keenly. When he told me something, I checked if it matched his actions, most times it didn’t. Slowly, I grew out of love with him. The next thing for me, when I have fallen out of love is to let the person know.

I called him to talk about it but he told me he would call me back. A day came to pass, no call. Two days passed no call. Hm, I sent him a text explaining all that I had been experiencing and ended with “goodbye” when he saw it, if you really loved the person as you claim, you would have responded. He didn’t, he waited another three days to come apologizing. I insisted that I was done and proceeded to block him.

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