RELATIONSHIPS: We Will Make This Work.

Normally, people believe that opposites should attract for a relationship to work. Someway, somehow, my girlfriend and I are both extroverts but we have this strong bond that pulls us to each other. When we met, she must have been pretending because I saw her as this shy girl who didn’t like to talk much. Ei this girl, hm. I would call her and she would be finding it hard to talk to me. When I asked to see her, she would give me excuses saa till I got tired.

Now deɛ, all the shyness and alo lifestyle have cleared from her “eye top” This girl talks to me like anyhow…. not in a bad way. She feels free around me and also around my friends. There was one Christmas that we all went out. She was the first to get on the dance floor. I sat there laughing, my friend remarked, “Rex, you have really met your match” She walked right to me and pulled me up to dance. Jack nso anyɛ loose. Hwɛ, boot for boot paa.

One time we were discussing one of these trending issues in the country. It was just a funny and a messed up scene. Before we knew it, nobody was listening to the other. We were both talking at the same time, expecting the other to listen. Then after a while, I kept quiet as I observed her as she went on talking and laughing. Her laughter was so infectious. After a while, I wasn’t really listening to all she said, I was laughing because her laughter was that crazy type.

So, we were going along in our relationship when the “downs” came. We had enjoyed a lot of good times. Our similarities were coming in to play and draw us apart. We are both talkative so at times, it was hard to carry on conversations. We both have a large and active social circle. Sometimes when we step out, we aren’t really able to get things done. We will be doing “catching up” with friends and acquaintances until the other person gets bored.

One time, I was trying to correct my girlfriend on some wrong things she did. She laughed and said, “Ah but you, don’t you know you do the same things too? Please go and work on yourself too” This statement of hers got to me. I found it disrespectful. How could you be correcting your partner and they didn’t see anything wrong with their actions and attitudes? Hmm, nti ɛbɛyɛ yie mpo nie? Again, I calmly tried to explain to her what was wrong.

She chuckled and got up, “Tswww, masssa gyai ka koraa na ɛnfa” I asked her to come back but she laughed again and said, “We both have the same traits, let’s all go and work on it and stop this blaming thing you are doing” Hm, this was the first time I didn’t find her laughter infectious. She was being downright rude and I hated it. I decided to give her a gap to see what she would do.

When she realised brodaman wasn’t giving her any attention, she brought herself. I was angry so I felt attacked by her approach. “Ah, so is it because of the little misunderstanding that you are acting up like that no?” Little? she didn’t even know where she had gone wrong. We both have the some traits, yes, but we both needed to know when we were wrong, accept our wrongs and see to correcting them.  Certainly not this daughter of Eve that I have gone to take upon myself.

I have spoken to her about it. We both want to make this work but our similarities are really bringing a huge divide between us. She called me to ask that we find a way out but I responded that the way forward for now is for each individual to really assess their character and find means of merging their ways with another who is not their opposite but their “other half”

I gave her an encouraging note about we pulling through. She laughed that her infectious laughter again. At least, this time, I smiled.

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