RELATIONSHIPS: The Woman With The Oil. (Part 2)

The woman was called and Abena said the voice was a bit scary but she wanted to see this through. The woman’s raspy voice came over the phone. “Young woman, open up the parcel” she commanded. Abena carefully opened the parcel. There was a facial cleanser, a lipstick, a candle and a strange looking bottle of oil. The woman proceeded to give instructions. After, she cut the call and Abena turned to her friend for a better understanding of all that was said.

The cleanser was to be used to clean the face each day; morning and night. The lipstick, was to be used when she was to see Nat. Then the candle, a red and black one, was to be prayed with each night. Now Abena wasn’t liking the way things were going. Something caught her eye about the bottle. It had an inscription on it, “L’huile 666” that scared her so much. She asked her friend about it. She brushed it off and said, “all these are to be done for your own good”.

As they sat there discussing it, Tracy entered and also chanced on them. When she saw the bottle she shouted, “Herh!! What is going on here? This doesn’t look good. Na what is this?” she picked up the bottle and said, “You people want to sell your souls to the Devil onnng?” Tracy went on about how she told them that these things looked demonic and couldn’t end well. Just like in those Nigerian movies.

Now, Abena’s friend looked shaken but Abena was definitely scared. She told her friend she wouldn’t go ahead with it and stepped out to throw everything away. Tracy called her back and asked for the items to be burnt. It was now that her friend was acting all scared after hearing everything Tracy had to say. What that lady had done deɛ, she would need to see a man of God.

Hmmn, not all that glitters is gold oh. Some of you are in “secured” relationships but you don’t know. Don’t think only women do it, men do it too. It’s just that we hear more about that of ladies than the men. That night, my sister and I were doing ourselves prayer warriors, that no one would “secure” us, or most importantly, our only brother.

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