RELATIONSHIPS: The Woman With The Oil. (Part 1)

Tracy, my sister’s friend is a good hairstylist so we always wanted her to do our hair. She didn’t learn it as a trade, she is someone who learns skills by herself. Tracy would come over to our house when she was free and do our hair for us. In return, we would buy her something nice or we would send her out for a treat. When I joined my sister on university campus, I always found my way to her room because I knew Tracy would be there. She would style my hair for free.

It was during one of those hair styling sessions that relationship stories came up. Tracy told us of a story that really scared us. It was about a mutual friend she had with my sister, let’s call her Abena. Let’s also call Abena’s boyfriend, Nat. Abena is a bit older than both of them but they had a good friendship anyways.

Abena and Nat had dated for six years and were obviously heading for marriage. Everyone was waiting for the wedding announcement but Abena complained to one of her close friends that she felt Nat was pulling away.

This friend jumped in to set things right. After comforting Abena she spoke to her. “Hwɛ, sister. I go to church oh, but I have something that is helping me paa.” Out of curiosity, Abena asked her friend, “Really, what is this thing you are talking about?” Her friend replied, “Sister, the guys of today deɛ, if you make lose small someone will come for them. I have therefore “secured” Nana Yaw”

Abena was getting curious as her friend spoke. “See, don’t worry. There is no way Nat can leave you if you also secure him. I will help you” Abena was getting some hope now. She thanked her friend as she tried calming herself. Her friend opened her IG page and scrolled to a certain woman’s page. She showed her the page as she spoke to Abena.

“This woman is the one I’m speaking of. The ways in which she has helped her errrh, yɛ ka sɛ yɛreka ne ho asem aa, adeɛ bɛkye yɛn. Let us order some of her things. She will bring it and show you how to go about things”

The thought of having Nat back again made Abena very happy. She transferred some money to her friend who used it to place the order. After about an hour and a half of waiting, there was a knock on the door.

The dispatch rider had come. They took the parcel and went back inside. Abena was very curious to find out what was in the parcel but her friend told her they had to wait and call the woman first.

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