RELATIONSHIPS: She Wasn’t Her Real Self.

I loved Akua genuinely. It wasn’t about sex, it wasn’t about her beauty. Akua’s cooking was top notch but all these weren’t the reasons for my love and attraction to her. There was just this vibe that drew people to her. It was this same reason that brought me from far off where I was. I didn’t hesitate to let her know my intentions and she said she had been waiting for that proposal.

Everything was going on smoothly and I had been thinking of taking her to see my family. After one fight, she ended by saying she didn’t think I was even serious about her because who could be with a woman for over year and hide her from those in his life? That was definitely a shady person. I realized I hadn’t done well in that aspect so I started making plans to let all involved in my life meet her.

I had met a few of her friends and her siblings so I could understand how it made her feel. In the next two months, I took her to my best friend, Richard’s house. He and his wife liked her immediately. When she was out of earshot, they questioned me on why I was waiting. I told them I was working on it. From there, we went to my elder sister’s house the following weekend.

My sister is one who doesn’t keep her thoughts and observations to herself for long. During the meal time, she shouted, “Ah, Kweku, as for this one, what are you waiting for?” Akua smiled shyly as she ate. I looked at her and lied to my sister, “It’s her ooh, when I talk about settling down she doesn’t give me her mind” We all laughed because it was one bad lie. The last place I wanted to take her to was my mother’s.

I really wanted my mother’s opinion on my girlfriend before bringing her home to meet her again with my dad. So I picked her from her house and we headed for my mother’s. My mother was glad to see her but she didn’t want to go overboard for the first time. She acted in a neutral manner. She said she wanted to observe her really well before asking my father to do background checks. That was how her true nature was revealed and I decided to break up with her.

My mother, like most Ghanaian women, love to cook. Sometimes when their sons bring girls home, they do the “kitchen test” My mother did it to her and my girlfriend passed. When we were eating, she only had to nod at me for me to know she approved of her cooking abilities. See, this is where it all went down. We went into the kitchen for about 5minutes; my mother and I. When we returned, Akua was still eating. My mother excused herself to go and use the washroom and come.

When she came, she had a frown on her face. She called me again into the kitchen. We were there for over forty five minutes until Akua came in and asked if everything was okay. I was angry, but I wanted to prove a point so I asked her, “Dear, did you go into any room earlier?” Akua said no. We have a house help in the house so I turned to my mother and said, “Let’s call Mormee” Mormee also denied going into my mother’s room.

We walked into the hall and I walked over to Akua’s bag and opened it. I was broken hearted there and then. I turned to her and my eyes were watery. My voice was even low as I said, “Akua” this lady went on her knees and cried. My mother was so annoyed she walked out. Now, let’s do a rewind. When we went to visit my bestfriend Richard, the wife called me two days later and said she wasn’t trying to frame anyone but she suspected my girl had stolen some money from her.

I didn’t want to believe her but I thanked her all the same. After we left my sister’s house, she also called me to say she couldn’t find a bracelet that her husband had bought for her. I told her she shouldn’t think far, her kids could have taken it. They were always in her room and she complained of stuff getting missing. Later, she would say she had found them. Then this. My mother sells clothes in the market, she had laid out some money to be used to purchase some new cloth designs in town, the coming week.

When she went to use the washroom, she realized that the wad of cash had reduced. She knew her househelp couldn’t do this but she wanted to clear all doubts. That was why we had being so long in the kitchen. Me defending my girlfriend whilst my mom defended Mormee. Hmm, I cast my mind to the two instances prior. Then I recalled how whenever Akua was around me, my coins that I had saved in this huge box would be reducing, or how the money in my wallet felt a bit “slim.”

I tried to be good to her when we were dating. I am not rich but I loved her and wanted her to be comfortable. I could have forgiven the thefts from my friends wife and my sister. But my mother? The woman whose blessings I needed for this union to push through? I couldn’t overlook that. I broke up with her in front of my mother and I never looked back. To think that I was already preparing to marry her. I was deeply hurt but I couldn’t hold on to a woman like this. I was embarrassed and disgraced.

When some people ask why I never ended up with my last girlfriend, I only tell them she had to go for the better. They think she was such a good woman and I shouldn’t have let go but they would have been the ones to spread the news and insult me behind my back had this incident with my mother happened to them.

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