The first time I saw her, I didn’t give her appearance much thought. It was the first week of lectures and I was trying to have a good start. At the time, we had several classes together but my mind was solely on bagging those A’s. It was an exciting time for most of us; coming straight from Senior High and experiencing what we thought was freedom: doing what we wanted, how we wanted and when we wanted it.

One evening, I was very hungry and decided to buy food since I wasn’t in the mood to cook. But the truth is I wasn’t such a good cook. My other roommates were just like me, okay cooks so cooking was reduced to the barest minimum and was often a group effort. Arriving at the food court, my roommates settled for kenkey but my mind wasn’t made up. I scouted the area and decided to go with fried yam. I went to meet a lot of people, all waiting to be attended to. It was there that I saw her again and this time around, I did pay attention to her.

She looked gorgeous in her cute flowery dress, her hair tied and piled on top of her head and slightly holding her waist and calmly waiting for her turn. I tried not to be caught staring but I couldn’t help it. In my mind, I was trying to pinpoint where I knew her from because she looked familiar. My roommates came to pass with their hot kenkey and I regretted not following them to buy some. They teased me for a while and told me they couldn’t wait for me so they left me there.

Again, I started stealing glances at this lady until she caught me. I was trapped but I thought quickly and smiled at her. She returned my smile while looking at me for a while. Then she said, “Hey, I know you” Quickly, I feigned ignorance and also said, “Really?” She said, “Yeahhh, we have some classes in common and I see you when you walk in, always on your phone” Wow, she probably had been observing me a lot more than I thought. I smiled and replied, “That’s true”

We kept up a steady conversation about how we were finding classes and navigating campus life. We didn’t even realize when it got to our turn. The seller had to prompt us before we each took turns buying our food. From then, whenever I got into class, she would make an effort to say hi to me or I would reach out first. Our friendship grew and we were content being friends. My roommates thought she was my girlfriend then and would tease me about how shy I would get when she came to the room.

Then, one afternoon, whilst we were alone in the room, she asked me about my love life. I told her I was yet to find someone. She smiled and started playing with her hair. So I asked her same and she replied that she didn’t have anyone at the moment. Then I went in with the famous “How can a beautiful girl like you still be single?” line. She threw the question back at me. I was dumbfounded. I know I am good looking but to have a girl say it to my face, that threw me off.

Our conversation went on about relationships until she told me she needed to get going.  When we got to the door, she stopped and turned around and kissed me. Wow. My head was exploding, then she said softly “goodnight” and left. That night, I couldn’t sleep. I thought about the kiss all night and I gathered confidence the next day after lectures to ask her out. She gave me her sweetest smile as she said “yes”. I can’t explain how I felt. One of the most beautiful girls in my class was mine. I felt like one important man. Our relationship was a fun and a sweet one. When I got close to her, I realised she was more than met the eye. The things she knew and did, it just blew my mind away.

Sadly, before we got to second year, during the long vac, she called me and broke up with me with the excuse that she had realised it couldn’t work between us because I wasn’t as lively and interesting as she wanted. I felt broken and tried asking for a comeback but she firmly said no. That vac was a bad one for me. Loosing something you thought was real and would last isn’t easy.

I had to fight with my mind on several occasions about calling her or trying to see her but I sailed through. I still saw her around because we had some shared classes. When school reopened, I saw her with another guy. She was always holding onto him and smiling up at him, just as she did with me. It killed me to see her like that but I have moved on. I know sooner than later, I will find something solid and lasting.

Written by East@Edito468

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